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Index Of The SMP People Page:

1. Initial Statement, A brief definition and observation about SMP People in general in and out of the Mormon Church.

2.  Statement Of Intent, Soon to come documented Articles and evidence  from government “hearings of record” about Mr. Jason “SMP” Pulsipher, Mrs. Shannon “SMP” Pulsipher, Mr. Jeff “SMP” Garrison, and other Springfield, Mo. area “SMP” Mormon people


Initial Statement 

SMP is an acronym for selfish, malicious and preditorial.

There can be SMP people or SMP organizations like companies, churches, governments, etc.

No matter if SMP is exercised individually or in a group, it spells trouble for true disciples of Jesus Christ specifically and society in general and as a whole.

Posted April 15, 2013

Statement Of Intent

On this page I intend to outline what has been recorded in government hearings of record what is proof and testimony about Mr. Morris SMP Bird Sr., Mrs. Betty SMP Bird, Mr. Jason SMP Pulsipher, Mrs. Shannon SMP Pulsipher, Mr. Rick SMP Pulsander, Mr. Matt SMP Pulsipher, Mr. Jeff SMP Garrison and some other SMP Mormons.

I will lay out the evidence so you can be the judge however a government investigator and/or judge has already ruled these SMP people were guilty of crimes, incompetent with their actions and/or council brought before a hearing of record and/or just didn’t know right from wrong, what the law was and what wasn’t the law.

I tried my hardest to persuade Jason and Shannon to not go ahead with their actions that ended in a “hearing of record.” I asked Jason and Shannon “are you sure you want to take this to a hearing of record?” I knew I was going to be able to get a lot of good information, on the record, that could be used against them later. I was right but I also tried my best to warn them of their prideful stupidity. They obviously didn’t listen to The Holy Ghost and obviously didn’t listen to me either.

I tried to set up a meeting at the kitchen table of the Jason and Shannon home and even offered to pay for their attorney, Rick, to be there so I could explain how they were wrong and why they were wrong and I was hopeful Rick could also help explain all of this to them too.

Obviously I could not pay Rick directly so I offered to give Jason and Shannon the money for their attorney, Rick, as a gift to them and then they could hand that money over to Rick.  I bet Rick never knew about my offer.

As for Mr. SMP Jeff and Mr. SMP Matt, they both wrote stupid letters obviously backstabbing me in that hearing of record. I know both of them now wished they would have never done that. Hind sight is 20/20.

Each and every one of these SMP Mormons openly and deliberately violated their baptismal covenants with their SMP actions as revealed in this hearing of record and  I will outline that on this page.

Brother Jim

Posted September 9, 2014

General Legal Disclaimer

The general nature of “secret combinations” and “secret abominations” is in their secrecy. Obviously it is hard to prove secrets, lies and stealing. Sometimes the fruits of secrets, lies and stealing do surface but to present absolute proof is difficult unless someone from the inside comes forward as a witness or documentation from the inside can be produced.

For these reasons what is on this website, unless presented with absolute proof, has to be considered to be Brother Jim’s “opinion.”

I hope this satisfies the lawyers of the world. :)

Brother Jim

Posted July 20, 2014


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