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Brother Jim Kelley

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The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints

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This website is copyrighted 2013 and 2014 by James W. Kelley as

The contents of this website, except for short references in articles as provided for by law, may be used with written permission.

Please contact Brother Jim at for that written permission. Thank you.


Information and Articles on this website before April 22, 2014.

There were about 300 pages of information and articles on this website before April 22, 2014. I decided to start all over again and rebuild this website in a more logical and orderly fashion. In case anyone may want to read what was on this website before, they can e-mail me for that information and I will e-mail the total contents in a reply back to them.

Brother Jim

Posted April 29, 2014


A Church Organization Could Do Their Own Website On This

A lot of the books quoted from on this website can be purchased on Amazon. A learned minister of religion can learn from this website and write their own website. America is free and The Gospel Of Jesus Christ is free to the whole world at least according to Jesus Christ. Actually you can copy and past what ever you would want from to your website. The important thing is to get the truth out for the most to see.

This could be a part of your Church’s website as an outreach program for Mormons. Put an announcement in your bulletin about that website and article with an invitation for Mormons to attend your Church where the “pollutions” and “hypocrites” are not found.

I suppose there could be Sunday School lessons, special workshops, etc. teaching Jesus Christ’s Warning. Remember, the Mormon Church looses whether The Book Of Mormon is true or false on this one.

Do what ever you would like to with the information on this website. The information really did not belong to Brother Jim to start with. The Holy Ghost gave it to Brother Jim and how can anyone charge for or restrict the use of something God gave them. Does that make sense? Yes I thought it would. :)

Brother Jim Kelley

Posted June 30, 2014

General Legal Disclaimer

The general nature of “secret combinations” and “secret abominations” is in their secrecy. Obviously it is hard to prove secrets. Sometimes the fruits of secrets do surface but to present absolute proof is difficult unless someone from the inside comes forward as a witness.

For these reasons what is on this website, unless presented with proof, has to be considered to be Brother Jim’s “opinion.”

I hope this satisfies the lawyers of the world.

Brother Jim

Posted July 20, 2014