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Folly 1. The condition or quality of being foolish; a lack of good sense, understanding, or foresight. 2. A. Any act or instance of foolishness. b. A costly undertaking having an absurd or ruinous outcome. [City Creek Center Mall] 3. Action or behavior considered immoral or criminal. 4. Evil; wickedness; vice.

The American Heritage Dictionary.

When The Holy Ghost inspired me to add the Mormon Follies button to this website I had no idea just how accurate the word “folly” was going to be in describing the Mormon Church and a whole bunch of the Mormons. Every definition is a description of the follies of Mormonism in today’s world and can be proven, every one of these definitions, even the definitions of criminal and evil.

Index Of The Mormon Follies Page:

  1. The Promise From God That The Mormon Prophet Will Never Lead The Mormon Church Astray Folly.
  2. The Mormons Will Save The U.S. Constitution Folly.
  3. Tithing Money Folly
  4. The United Order Folly
  5. The Word Of Wisdom, A 20th Century Mormon Folly
  6. The City Creek Center Mall Tithing Money Folly.
  7. Mormon “Tithing and Other Offerings” Folly.
  8. The Mormon “You Can’t Buy Things On Sunday” Folly.


The Promise From God That The Mormon Prophet Will Never Lead The Mormon Church Astray Folly (Article #1)

This is an interesting concept in the Mormon Church that has no scriptural basis or authentic endorsement by any President Of The Church but is still taught as gospel truth. This Mormon Folly apparently comes from the Curriculum, Seminary and Institute Departments of the Mormon Church. This is how this type of system of deception and brainwashing works:

  1. The Apostles and Prophets of the Mormon Church want to promote a false doctrine but know better than to have their fingerprints all over something false.
  2. The Apostle and/or Prophet goes to the Curriculum, Seminary or Institute Department that best serves their purpose and gives some instructions about what they want taught and/or printed.
  3. The supervisor(s), worker(s) then pass along and promote this false doctrine in some pretty powerful ways.
  4. These false doctrines can be presented to Church teachers in training seminars and training classes without any written paper trail for the public.
  5. The Church teachers attending these training seminars and training classes then return to their home stakes, wards and branches and tell what they have learned to others in their local Church units whether the information is false or not.
  6. The false information is believed by members because it is reported to have been taught at a Church seminar or training class as the gospel truth. So without the benefit or any testimony of The Holy Ghost this hearsay is presented as the gospel truth without anyone in that ward or stake ever knowing the original source or ever being able to document anything.
  7. Another way is for the Apostle and/or Prophet to go  to the Curriculum, Seminary or Institute Department that best serves their purpose and gives some instructions about what they want taught in a Church manual.
  8. The false doctrines are presented in an official Church instruction manual without anyone’s name associated with the false doctrine but the false doctrine is taught and believed as gospel truths on the only strength and merit that it is in the Church instruction manual. This method does leave a document to be examined by the public and we will examine some on this website.
  9. Has anyone, besides Brother Jim, noticed the Mormon Church instruction manuals include no names as who are the editors, who are the lesson authors, etc.? Also the copyright is no longer in the name of The First Presidency and neither are the instruction manuals “Approved under the direction of The First Presidency and the Quorum Of The Twelve” any longer. Compare older instruction manuals with the newer ones and see the difference for yourself.
  10. All printed material the Mormon Church published used to be copyrighted by The Corporation Of The First Presidency. Now The Church copyrights are held by “Intellectual Reserve, Inc.” and who in the h%@# is that? Still no names and/or accountability for what is presented to be taught as the Gospel Truth.

Now that you have an idea how the Mormon Church can teach false doctrine, in an official manner without any fingerprints or paper trail, let me show you how the Mormon Folly about the promise The Prophet or President of The Church will never lead The Church or the members astray has been taught.

  1. Official Church instruction manual, Gospel Principles, Chapter 9, Prophets Of God, pages 39-43.
  2. On page 41, the last sentence without quotation marks, it reads: President Wilford Woodruff said that a prophet will never be allowed to lead the Church astray: [Brother Jim’s Note: President Woodruff never said this.]
  3. Then you have to turn the page and on page 42, first sentence in quotation marks reads, “The Lord will never permit me or any other man who stands as President of this Church to lead you astray…” [Brother Jim’s Note: This is exactly what President Woodruff did say.]
  4. Then at the bottom of page 42, the second from the last sentence without quotation marks reads, The Lord will never allow the President of the Church to lead us astray. [Brother Jim’s Note: No one with any legitimate authority ever said this.]
  5. The key to this deception and brainwashing is two words; “allow” and “permit.” Even though these two words are synonyms they have some differences in their meanings. You will have to use a pretty big dictionary to discover the word “allow” insinuates the use of force and the word “permit” insinuates the use of persuasion without the use of force.
  6. A good example of this concept would be Adam and Eve in the Garden Of Eden. The Lord did not permit (give permission) Adam and Eve to partake of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil but they did partake anyway. Later The Lord did not allow Adam and Eve to partake of the fruit of the tree of life and they did not partake of that because The Lord put Cherubim and a flaming sword to guard that tree (force).
  7. In this example I gave The Lord used the principle of permit in a procedure that withheld permission and later in this example The Lord used the principle of allow in a procedure that did not withhold force.
  8. If “not” is not used just before the words permit and allow they are synonyms that are alike for all practical purposes because the lack of permission and the threat of force are not a part of what is going on when a person can do something without consequences . If “not” is used before either word then these two words are less like synonyms then before. I will not permit you to do something only means I will not give you my permission or blessing. I will not allow you to do something now has the threat of force and the possibility of physically being stopped from doing that something is now implied.
  9. So it is when the Mormon Church inserts the word “allow” just before and right after the actual quote that used the word “permit.” The obvious message the Mormon Church wanted to teach as a gospel truth in this example is, The Lord will never allow a Prophet of the Mormon Church to ever lead The Church astray and if a Prophet would ever try that then The Lord would do something like zap him with lightning (force) immediately in order to stop him.
  10. The actual quote only implies The Lord will never give His permission for or His blessing on a Mormon Prophet that is leading The Church astray. There is absolutely no suggestion or implication with the word “permit” that The Lord will use any force what so ever and immediately stop a Mormon Prophet in leading The Church astray. Actually there are many good examples of the last few Mormon Prophets leading The Church astray and “pollut[ing] the holy church of God.” The stupid and imprudent secret Leadership Policy Manuals that require a bishop and stake president to hold Church courts on members telling the truth is a real good example. Could any folly be more hilarious? :)
  11. The human mind works better than most people are capable to utilize it. For example the human mind sublimely understands the correct definitions for words like “permit” and “allow” and impresses upon the conscience the true meaning for words that are heard, read and used by that person. So in this example even though the person may not be able to explain the difference between “permit” and “allow” the subconscious does know the difference and acts accordingly. Another explanation for this subliminal phenomenon is the spiritual gift of tongues and the interpretation of words not normally known to the person (A of F #7).
  12. What happens in this example is the human mind recognizes the word “allow” for what it really is and through the power of suggestion substitutes “allow” for the word “permit” in the person’s understanding so the person’s understanding becomes “The Lord will never “allow” the President of the Church to lead [The Church] astray” (Page 42) even though that was NOT the original message or intent of President Woodruff or The Lord. President Woodruff was a righteous Mormon Prophet and spoke the truth, word perfect, unlike President Hinckley and President Monson. THIS IS HOW BRAINWASHING IS ACHIEVED and this process and procedure is nothing new. Satan has been using brainwashing since the beginning of time on this world and other Satans have used brainwashing on other worlds for eons of time and no doubt have instructed the Satan of our world how to brainwash the children of men and now, under the direction of Satan, the Mormon Church is using brainwashing. In the Mormon temples Satan declares he is “only doing that which has been done on other worlds.” Endowed Mormons, wake up (Ether 8:24) and remember what you were taught in the temple and understand how Satan works! Also understand there is NO guarantee Satan will NOT have power and influence over the Mormon Church leadership! The Mormon Church leadership has to resist Satan with all of their hearts, minds and spirits to defeat Satan and the Mormon Church leadership has failed to do that and are under the influence of Satan sufficient to “pollute the holy church of God” today.
  13. Here is absolute proof of deception by the Mormon Church in this example. On page 42, the source note at the end of the paragraph where the actual quote is, states, “Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Wilfred Woodruff, 199.” In that book on page 199 is another source note designation that is, “13,” that leads to the end of the chapter and to this source note designation: “The Discourses of Wilford Woodruff, 212.”  This reference book is quite rare and not very many Mormons would have this volume to examine so this is a dead end for most people including most Mormons. However, IF The Discourses of Wilford Woodruff can be examined you will find the same short quote as on page 42 mentioned before with a source note designation Millennial Star, 52:739-741 (1890). The Millennial Star was a Mormon Newspaper that has long ago gone out of business so obviously everyone has access to this 1890 edition, right? Just try and find it and good luck. :) To have this as a dead end is the way it was intended by the Mormon Church, so you can’t follow up properly, and this was the plan for this lesson from the start.
  14. Now here is the dirty little secret the Mormon Church did NOT want the reader/student to know about. The quote of Wilfred Woodruff can be found in its complete context, unlike the source note designations used by The Church, right in The Doctrine and Covenants at the very end as Official Declaration-1.  Almost every Mormon would have their own copy of this so there is no need to go on a wild goose chase going down a dead end road looking for evasive/phantom source material that even if you could find it only gives an abbreviated, distorted account of the actual source material. This is the source material complete!
  15.  In this complete context we will learn that President Wilfred Woodruff also stated, right after the before mentioned quote in all of the other lesson sited source material, “The Lord has told me to ask the Latter-day Saints a question, and He also told me that if they would listen to what I said and answer the question put to them by the Spirit and power of God, they would all answer alike, and they would all believe alike with regard to this matter.”
  16.  A Mormon Prophet would NOT dare to do this today. The first problem is President Monson is NOT inspired like President Woodruff was and second, the Mormon people are not receptive to the Spirit and power of God any more like in 1890. This example and principle would NOT work today unless the Mormons develop the gift of spiritual discernment.
  17. Here is the problem and sticky wicket for the Mormon Church in this example. Chapter 9 is about following the Prophet “completely” without thinking about, asking questions about or praying about what and where the Prophet is leading the people. Total obedience no matter what is the message the Mormon Church wants taught today in The Church and nothing else. If the lesson material would have referenced the Mormon scriptural (right in The Doctrine and Covenants hidden in plain sight and can be readily found if one has the knowledge sufficient to know where to look) source for President Woodruff’s quote then the intelligent student in the class would have been confused. The natural intelligent question would have been, “The lesson tries to teach blind obedience to Church leaders no matter what and the scriptures say to listen and then go by the Spirit and power of God as the process of how to know what to do in The Church?” This exact same type of deception and brainwashing were the cause for the Protestant Movement against the Catholic Church centuries ago. History is only repeating itself in the Mormon Church today. Satan infiltrated the Catholic Church then and Satan has infiltrated the Mormon Church now. The bottom line here is “free agency” to be able to choose for ones self what the Lord’s will is for each person and NOT to be told what to do by Church leaders or be severely punished by The Church. The Mormon Church leadership wants to take away individual “free agency” for members in The Church and they are acting like Quick Draw McGraw who always told Baba Looey, “Hold on thar, Baba Looey! I’ll do the thin’in’ around here, and don’t you for-git it!”
  18. Total obedience to the Prophet is not what President Wilfred Woodruff taught. He taught to listen to what the Prophet had to say and then go by the Spirit and power of God in your personal decisions. That is a big difference and this difference is what the Mormon Church does NOT want members to understand. This is brainwashing, pure and simple, and there are many more examples like this too in the Mormon Church that will be on this website later. I am quite sure President Woodruff would be quite upset to know Mormon Church leaders today are allowing his quote to be taken out of context in a textbook example of brainwashing by Satan right in the Mormon Church right in the “official” Church study manuals.
  19. Is there any doubt in any reasonable thinking person’s mind this example is an example of “pollutions” and “hypocrites” trying to “pollute the holy church of God” that is IF the Mormon Church is in fact The True Church.
  20. It is NOT the fault of Brother Jim that the Mormons are acting so irrationally according to the Commandments of God and the Gospel Of Jesus Christ Principles. Brother Jim has and is still only sounding the trump of warning according to the Words Of Jesus Christ (Moroni 10:27). And for repeating the Words of Christ Brother Jim was unmercifully excommunicated! The Mormon Church is the Church of who? The Mormon Church is now The Church of Satan doing Satan’s bidding! If a Mormon can NOT see this for what it really is all of your senses are asleep and your spirituality is dead.
  21. Here is a scriptural reference that there is NO promise the Mormon Church will never fall away, become “apostate,” or cease to exist before The Second Coming. In 1841, The Lord gave the Mormon Church an ultimatum. Either build The Nauvoo Temple in the time frame The Lord required or “ye [the Mormon Church] shall be rejected [by Jesus Christ] as a church.”  This little known “Mormon” scripture is found buried in D&C 124:31-32. Does this sound like the Mormons who lived, worked and worshiped with Joseph Smith, were subject to the foolish notion the Mormon Church has an absolute promise from God it will never fall away or cease to exist no matter what the Mormons do? It was not until later, when the Mormon Church Tradition Follies crept into the Mormon Culture and “polluted” the minds of the Mormons to the point they can NOT even think straight anymore, that follies like this were taught and existed in the Mormon Church today. That Mormon Church Tradition Folly has come from uninspired, consider the term “apostate,” Mormon Church leaders (“teachers” in The Book Of Mormon sense) and minions with itching mouths and itching ears (2 Timothy 4:3). Now that is a Holy Bible scripture condemning the Mormon Church using a Book Of Mormon usage for the term “teachers” meaning a very high up church leader. This is much more than just funny. This is hilarious that Mormons could think and believe such folly!!! :)
  22. What is really incredible is the Mormon Church has documented all the evidence needed to prove the heresy of The Mormon Church Infallibility Folly right in their own study manuals.

Brother Jim Kelley

Posted August 2, 2014

The Mormons Will Save The U.S. Constitution Folly (Article #2)

Mormons teach and claim The U.S. Constitution is inspired of God. An honest evaluation of most Mormon’s positions on The U.S. Constitution would reveal they probably do not believe The U.S. Constitution is any more inspired of God than The Book Of Mormon. There is even a folly among Mormons “when The U.S. Constitution hangs by a thread that the Elders of [the Mormon Church] should step forth at a particular time when the Constitution should be in danger, and rescue to, and save it.” (Journal Of Discourses Vol. 6, page 152)

Obviously The U.S. Constitution is in danger right now, and has been in danger for quite some time, so where are these “Elders” of the Mormon Church who will save The U.S. Constitution? One of the Elders of the Mormon Church is Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, who attempts to destroy and “transfigure” The U.S. Constitution each and every day!

How many rank and file Mormons fail to support legitimate civil rights groups like the NRA? If it were not for the NRA’s efforts in the past, citizens (including Mormons) of the U.S. would not be able to exercise their Constitutional right to freely buy firearms today. This statement is supported by irrefutable evidence including Senator Harry Reid’s own anti-gun efforts to limit gun ownership in America.

Mormons in the U.S. who purchase and own firearms today owe the NRA a great debt of gratitude especially if they never paid dues to the NRA or have failed to keep their NRA memberships current. People (Mormons and non-Mormons alike) who exercise their God given freedoms that have been preserved by legitimate civil rights groups like the NRA, but fail to support these civil rights groups with their personal memberships and dues, are free loaders and have failed to help preserve and protect The U.S. Constitution.

Bottom line: If there are Mormons who have failed to preserve and protect The U.S. Constitution with their names and membership dues then how likely are the chances these same “Elders of [the Mormon Church] should step forth at a particular time when the Constitution should be in danger, and rescue it, and save it?” Not very likely indeed. Actually many Mormons “in good standing” can’t even make it above 50% with easy tasks like home and visiting teaching so how are they going to do something harder like save The U.S. Constitution?

As a matter of fact on January 3, 1858, in the Tabernacle, Great Salt Lake City (the name was shortened later to Salt Lake City), Elder Orson Hyde stated during his address, referring to the many false claims circulating at that time by the Mormon people that the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith claimed Mormons would save The U.S. Constitution, Elder Hyde stated, “I believe he said something like this—that the time would come when the Constitution and the country would be in danger of an overthrow; and said he, If the Constitution be saved at all, it will be by the Elders of this Church.” (Journal Of Discourses Vol. 6, page 152)

Obviously the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith, just like me, used the word “IF” to clarify Mormons can NOT be counted on for anything except to be “hypocrites” that have “polluted the holy church of God” and by extension the Mormons can be counted on to help destroy The U.S. Constitution too.

Even though this Mormon Folly has been clearly discredited by a reliable and creditable Mormon Elder in the Mormon Church in 1858, that was intimately acquainted with the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith, the proud Mormons refuse to let go of this Mormon Folly and still insist, to this very day, The U.S. Constitution will be save by the Mormon Church.

How can a group of people, in this case the Mormons, be so ignorant and stupid? Answer: The Mormons participate in follies as a way of life and as a direct result have had their consciences seared to the point they no longer know truth from fiction, prudence from folly. This is exactly the way the “hypocrites” that are Mormon Church leaders today want their members to be, ignorant and stupid; ready, willing and able to follow the next Mormon Folly. In this way the “hypocrites” that are Mormon Church leaders can more easily fool the members and rob the Church treasury. What a shame. It is enough to make a person cry. :(

IF there are any Mormons who would like to repent from  their own personal U.S. Constitution Mormon Folly they can start by joining the NRA. I am a Life Member myself so as anyone can see I am NOT a hypocrite when asking others to join. In appreciation to all the Mormons who are members of the NRA already, Thank You! That appreciation was for everyone except the known hypocrite, Harry Reid.

Brother Jim Kelley

Posted August 17, 2014

Tithing Money Folly (Article #3)

The Mormon Church played it straight with disclosures of tithing contributions until 1957-1959 when the Church leadership became embarrassed (a time when Mormon Church leaders were capable of being embarrassed) because their public disclosure of finances showed losses in the millions of dollars for bad investments in municipal bonds. No doubt the Mormon Church loaned SLC some money and SLC failed to pay back much like the UAW loaned the city of Detroit money in the form of municipal bonds and Detroit couldn’t pay up causing the UAW Retirement Fund to become bankrupt. If it were not for President B.O. UAW retirees would have had to get less than their regular retirement benefits. UAW retirees are no doubt very thankful for President B.O.

Starting a half century ago the Mormon Church switched policy and procedures to a code word game and the only financial reporting in a public manner is in the Annual Mormon Church General Conference where the Church Auditing Department Report is read. This is that Church Audit Report given April, 2014:


Church Auditing Department Report, [for the year] 2013

Presented by Kevin R. Jergensen

Managing Director, Church Auditing Department

To the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Dear Brethren: As directed by revelation in section 120 of the Doctrine and Covenants, the Council on the Disposition of the Tithes—composed of the First Presidency, the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, and the Presiding Bishopric—authorizes the expenditure of Church funds. Church entities disburse funds in accordance with approved budgets, policies, and procedures.

The Church Auditing Department, which consists of credentialed professionals and is independent of all other Church departments, has responsibility to perform audits for the purpose of providing reasonable assurance regarding contributions received, expenditures made, and safeguarding of Church assets.

Based upon audits performed, the Church Auditing Department is of the opinion that, in all material respects, contributions received, expenditures made, and assets of the Church for the year 2013 have been recorded and administered in accordance with approved Church budgets, policies, and accounting practices. The Church follows the practices taught to its members of living within a budget, avoiding debt, and saving against a time of need.

Respectfully submitted,

Church Auditing Department

Kevin R. Jergensen [The High Priest Of False Security]

Managing Director


Did you catch the code words? They were:

  1. Revelation.
  2. Approved budgets, policies, and procedures.
  3. Independent.
  4. Reasonable assurance.
  5. Opinion.
  6. Approved Church budgets, policies, and accounting practices.
  7. Church follows the practices taught to its members… budget, avoiding debt, and saving.

There are 24 code words (not including some connecting words like “and”) in an article containing only 200 words total. Now let’s analyze with “elementary deductions” to determine why the Mormon Church Auditing Department isn’t worth a penny.

The code word “revelation” is to help put members at easy and to help insure, for the easily persuaded intellect, all that is happening with the tithing money is by direct revelation from God when in fact it is not.

The code words “approved budgets, policies, and procedures,” give the appearance of an endorsement from God when in fact the opposite is true in many cases. Just because budgets, policies and procedures are approved by an unnamed man somewhere in The Church system doesn’t really insure that anything proper is being executed with tithing money. The fact all the finances of the Mormon Church are a well-kept secret is proof in and of itself something sinister is about. If a church has nothing to hide then why would they hide it?

The code word “independent” gives the illusion of being “untouchable” in their duties when just the opposite is the case. In previous years the Church Auditing Department Report contained language that the church Auditing Department was answerable to the First Presidency proving they were touchable and could be punished for an unsatisfactory report read in General Conference. This language has been removed, for good reason, to give the illusion that the Church Auditing Department Report is an “independent” organization that can tell the truth and not have to fear consequences from anyone. Obviously, whether specifically stated or just implied, the Church Auditing Department Report is under the thumb of The First Presidency and cannot be trusted to report the truth.

The code words, “reasonable assurance” helps let the Church Auditing Department off the hook in case something is found to be improper with the finances later and it is made public. This is an insurance policy for The High Priest Of False Security, in this case Brother Kevin R. Jergensen, when they knowingly “transfigure” the truth about The Church finances in front of everyone at General Conference.

The code word “opinion” is another insurance policy for The High Priest Of False Security. Anyone can have an opinion and it is hard to find fault with or hold anyone accountable for an “opinion.” I have my opinion too and that is the Mormon Church has “hypocrites,” wall to wall, that have “polluted the holy church of God.” Wait a second, IF The Book Of Mormon is true, that is NOT opinion but fact as expressed by Jesus Christ. Oops again. BOOMERANG!!! :)

The code words “approved Church budgets, policies, and accounting practices” are designed to give the appearance all that happens in the Mormon Church financially is approved by God since those men doing the approving are “called of God.” There is much proof men are no longer called of god, IF they ever were, in the Mormon Church but are called by favor or desperation so any false sense of security the Mormon Church is run by men of God is just folly and can be proven as folly. This will be proven later on this website.

The code words the “church follows the practices taught to its members… budget, avoiding debt, and saving” helps give the illusion the Mormon Church practices what it preaches. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Actually the Mormon Church does NOT preach as much about budget, avoiding debt and savings as much as they used to. No doubt the Mormon Church is making a lot of money (money the General Authorities can squander) on people, including Mormons, who do not avoid debt.

For example the Mormon Church is heavenly invested in the banking industry and the banking industry is promoting Reverse Mortgages right now. How can any right thinking person think they are ahead of the money game by doing a Reverse Mortgage?

Here is another folly with Reverse Mortgages for a Mormon. The Mormon Church used to teach about The United Order and how every member would have an opportunity to participate and there would be no poor and no rich among those who participated. One of the requirements, the Mormon Church used to teach; to participate it would be better if one were debt free because all that one owns would be surrendered to the Mormon Church leadership for participation and redistribution.

Problem: If a Mormon (family) owes on their home how can they surrender that home in a United Order program? It would not be yours to surrender because it is not paid for. Actually a Mormon (family) renting an apartment would be better prepared to participate in a United Order Program than anyone “owning” their home with a mortgage of any size. The United Order Folly will be explained in the next article after this one.

There will be many articles on this website explaining how the Mormon Church finances are contrary to the laws of God and could in no way be in harmony with what a normal thinking Mormon would expect. That is exactly why the Mormon Church keeps its finances secret. There are many “High Priests” expounding their false rhetoric during General Conference and one of them is The High Priest Of False Security when he gives the Church Auditing Department Report every year.

Brother Jim Kelley

Posted September 6, 2014

The United Order Folly (Article #4)

The United Order is not talked about very much anymore like it used to be talked about in the Mormon Church just 30-40 years ago. The United Order used to be used as a carrot to attract new converts and it was pretty successful in doing that, kind of like the Mormon Church Welfare Program has attracted new converts in the past and perhaps in the present.

The United Order was a social experiment that eventually failed at the end of the 19th Century for the Mormon Church. The basic principle was everyone participating would contribute all of their worldly possessions to The Church and in return everyone would receive back according to their needs and there would be no poor or no rich among The United Order group because all would share alike.

History seems to record there were some Mormon United Order groups that were reasonably successful with this experiment however, early in Mormon Church History The United Order was abandoned by all who participated with a promise from the Mormon Church leadreship for the future, that the Mormon Church would again enter into The United Order when its members were better prepared and spiritually ready.

So we can see the Mormon Church leadership laid the responsibility on the members to be spiritually prepared so the Mormon Church could again enter into this social experiment and Mormon folly.

My personal observations are the Mormon Church has failed to properly teach the members about the correct principles of spiritual preparedness in order to be better prepared to enter into a life changing situation of The United Order. More important is the Mormon Church leadership has failed to follow the correct principles of spiritual preparedness themselves so they can be better prepared to enter into a covenant necessary to participate in The United Order. May I outline my observations?

  1. The Mormon Church leadership, especially Mormon Church General Authorities, have practiced secret combinations and secret abominations for so long they can NOT now convert to the righteous spiritual principles of truth and fairness required for The United Order to work. For The United Order to work everyone has to be able to trust everyone else and that is impossible with the “hypocrite” Mormon Church leadership. “Hypocrite” is what Jesus called the Mormon Church leadership, not me; IF The Book Of Mormon is true (Mormon 8:38).
  2. In order to have a Church sponsored United Order Program the Church involved has to be honest with what they teach and believe. For example the Mormon Church gives lip service The Book Of Mormon is true but then denies The Exploding Boomerang Warning right in The Book Of Mormon.
  3. The Mormon Church would have to give up their economic and financial secrets if The United Order was reinstalled. Who really thinks that is going to happen unless The Church is forced to somehow for another reason like a law suit, U.S. Congressional investigation, etc. The truth is the Mormon General Authorities will carry the Mormon Church secrets to the grave and on to hell because of their incredible “pride” (Mormon 8:36).
  4. The Mormon Church has failed to teach the correct principles of The United Order to the membership. How can a people be prepared unless they are taught? The burden of teaching is on the General Authorities for the “official” instructions, etc. According to the Mormon Church Policy Manuals it is forbidden for local leaders to teach anything like The United Order outside “official” Church manuals. So “official” Church manuals would have to have specific lessons on The United Order and this is NOT happening.
  5. Since the Mormon Church General Authorities are now living a life of royalty, often at the expense of the member peasants, what is to motivate them to change that and lower their standard of living and lifestyles so they will have to mingle with the peasant members and be numbered among the not poor and not rich?
  6. We can see a pattern here where the Mormon Church leadership blames the member peasants for the leadership’s own shortcomings. When Mormon Church leaders are constantly blaming others for what is in reality their own faults how on God’s green earth can the Mormon Church ever participate in The United Order and be successful.
  7. This pattern of blaming others has been illustrated on the Home Page for verse 41, the sword of vengeance warning where Mormon General Authorities blame the Nephites instead of taking the blame themselves.
  8. Another example of the unrighteous blame game is in the Mission Field. If a Mission is not getting enough convert baptisms, according to the expectations of the General Authorities, the General Authorities start chewing the butts of Mission Presidents and the “shit” runs downhill from there.

As plainly illustrated in this article the Mormon Church leadership has put the responsibility of being ready to enter into The United Order on the backs of the peasant members when in reality the Mormon Church General Authorities are the ones NOT ready and purposely NOT getting ready for The United Order making The United Order a Mormon Folly.

Brother Jim Kelley

Posted September 6, 2014

The Word Of Wisdom, A 20th Century Mormon Folly (Article #5)

In 1833, when the 89th Section of the Doctrine And Covenants was revealed to The Prophet Joseph Smith, The Word Of Wisdom, as it was called, was cutting edge advise about health and nutrition. Obviously an inspired revelation and document that was way ahead of its time of introduction.

Before about 1975 Mormon bishops and stake presidents were denying members temple recommends based on whether or not that member was drinking Cola drinks. Obviously a sufficient number of these members made formal complaints to The First Presidency and The First Presidency sent their official letter to all presiding priesthood leaders of The Church specifically stating that drinking Cola drinks was “not a part of The Word Of Wisdom” and a member shall not be denied a temple recommend for drinking Cola drinks. The First Presidency would have done well to have used the dictionary (for the definition of wisdom) on this one instead of relying on whatever “counsel” and “revelations” they did follow from whatever source.

Here is an obvious example where local Mormon Church priesthood leadership were much more inspired than The First Presidency on a significant subject and Gospel Principle (There were/are others too). Although soda drinks may seem harmless, as compared to liquor and tobacco anyway, the more intelligent and enlightened experts call soft drinks “chemical cocktails that should be avoided for good health.”

It was known at the time, the 1970s, the Mormon Church, and/or favored Mormons, held controlling interest in Coca Cola and were heavily invested in other soft drink companies as well. Perhaps this was the motivation and the why the official letter from The First Presidency was written and sent the way it was?

Whatever the reason(s) were the fact of the matter remains, The First Presidency failed to adhere to the basic principles of The Word Of Wisdom and rule with “wisdom.” Had The First Presidency followed “wisdom” (dictionary definition) and backed up the prudence and “wisdom” of the local church leadership (apparently much more inspired than The First Presidency on this subject) much of the health problems of the Latter-day Saints could have been avoided and the Latter-day Saints could have been a much healthier and happier people today.

This is only just one example how The Prophet has led the membership astray (Compare Article #1 on the Mormon Follies page of this website). Soft drinks may have now caused as much poor health and misery as liquor and tobacco could ever have. A sickly Mormon population is less likely and able to fulfill their gospel duties and that would be one real good reason Satan wanted Mormons to drink up that Coke.

Here is a recent article published by that intelligently, with “wisdom,” spells out the dangers of soft drinks.


[Quotes from a featured article on, 11-10-2014]

“High calorie counts, insane amounts of added sugar [high fructose corn syrup], and unnatural additives. We all know [The Mormon First Presidency doesn’t seem to act like they know.] soda is by no means healthy. It has become a major focus in the media and public health policies for good reason. America is faced with a grave issue, obesity. According to the CDC, close to 35% of U.S. adults are obese, and studies suggest, soda may play a large role in that frightening number. Have you looked at the back of a soda can lately? Half of the ingredients are unpronounceable and the calorie count, unbearable. And diet soda? Even worse.

“Researchers at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine have found that older adults who drink soda daily have a 44 percent higher chance of heart attack. Numerous studies and evidence prove that soft drinks are connected to far too many life threatening diseases. But, the empty shelves at bodegas, and blinking red ‘sold out’ scroll on vending machines are proof that soda is still the beverage choice for millions of people. So, we’ve compiled a list of the eight reasons you NEED to stop drinking soda, because science proves, it may actually be killing you.


“A new study by researchers at the University of California has determined that soda is actually shortening your life by 4.6 years. The study looks at the sugary drink outside of it’s known relationship with obesity and found that it actually ages your cells. The findings reported in American Journal of Public Health show telomeres, or the protective units of DNA, were much in white blood cells of people who drink more soda. This type of health issue has been found to develop diseases associated to aging including heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancer types.


“A study published in Diabetes Care found that aside from additional weight gain, regularly drinking soda increases a person’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 26% more than those who drink soda more sparingly. This risk was found to develop in those often drinking 1-2 servings of soda a day.


“Over the course of 22 years, one study, published in JAMA, found that sugar-sweetened soda was associated with an increasing risk of gout in women. In the 80,000 women study it found that those who drank soda had a 75% higher risk than those who rarely drank.


“A 2012 study published in Circulation found that drinking soda increases your risk of heart disease. In the men studied, there was a high increased risk of CHD (coronary heart disease) and adverse changes in inflammatory factors, lipids, and leptin. The study found that those who had an average of one can of soda a day were 20% more likely to have a heart attack or die from a heart attack.


“Last year, an article in Obesity Review discussed the fact that sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) are the single largest source of added sugar in diets in the U.S. With two out of three adults obese in the U.S., cutting down on sodas could dramatically change our health issues.


“Researches have found that there is a very dangerous chemical in certain sodas, such as Mountain Dew. The ingredient, brominated vegetable oil (BVO) is an industrial chemical used as flame retardant in plastics. The chemical has been associated with memory loss and nerve disorders if consumed in high quantities.


“One study published in the European Journal of Nutrition tracked the daily intake of healthy men and women as they drank a Super Gulp of soda each day. After four weeks, researchers found that the participants’ metabolisms had completely changed, and it was more difficult for them to lose weight or burn fat.


“Many studies have found crazy chemicals in soda such as 4-methylimidazole in the brown coloring. This chemical has proven to make animals sick and in sodas are in higher levels than legally allowed without a warning label. BPA has also been found to keep acids from reacting to the metal of cans, and BPA has been found to interfere with hormones.”


Now after reading this article, including information “we all know” to be true, how can anyone believe The First Presidency was inspired by God to write their official letter, in about 1975, publicly reprimanding local inspired church leaders, and specifically allowing Mormons the false sense of security that Cola drinks are just fine to drink and generally all soft drinks are OK too?

If the track record and the testimony of so many experts now reveal soda drinks to be so harmful then why didn’t the Lord Jesus Christ know? He did know and most probably The Prophet, President Spencer W. Kimball, knew too at the time he wrote his infamous official letter in about 1975. Obviously The First Presidency took a chance and played with the odds that that infamous letter would never harm The Church. Obviously The Church and especially most of its members have lost on this one just like The Church and most of its members have lost on a lot of other Church official decisions too.

The Lord knew full well that soft drinks would be introduced by Satan to harm mankind in general during the 20th Century. The only reason soft drinks were not specifically mentioned in The Word Of Wisdom is the term and concept was not used or known before the 20th Century and using the term “soft drinks” would have just confused everyone in the 19th Century. The Lord did warn about soft drinks indirectly by stating in The Word Of Wisdom, “A Word Of Wisdom, …by revelation and the word of wisdom…in the temporal salvation of all the saints…In consequence of evils and designs which do and will exist in the hearts of conspiring men in the last days, I have warned you, and  forewarn you, by giving unto you this word of wisdom by revelation…And all saints who remember to keep and do these sayings, walking in obedience to the commandments, shall receive health in their navel and marrow to their bones; And shall find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures; And shall run and not be weary, and shall walk and not faint. And I, the Lord, give unto them a promise, that the destroying angel shall pass by them…A-men.”

Is it not obvious the Lord “forewarned” of conditions that “will exist” sometime after 1833 by “conspiring men” that would be a violation of “wisdom?”  The Lord tried to warn of soft drinks but The First Presidency apparently didn’t understand even though the local church leadership were more inspired and did understand.

Actually the term “soft drink” is a misleading term obviously devised by Satan. There isn’t anything “soft” about some of the chemical poisons used in these drinks.

Unfortunately some of the “hearts of conspiring men” belong to Mormons and some in the highest leadership positions. This is in fulfillment of the prophecy “Oh, ye hypocrites, ye teachers [Mormon General Authorities]…Why have ye polluted the holy church of God [the Mormon Church]” (Mormon 8:38).

It is because of the pride of the Mormon General Authorities that the prophecy “your churches [every branch, ward and stake (compare D&C 51:10, foot note 10a)], yea, even every one, have become polluted because of the pride of your hearts” (Mormon 8:36). Notice the term “hearts” is used in both scriptures, The Word Of Wisdom and Mormon 8:36. The fact is the Mormon General Authorities have and are polluting the Mormon Church with their uninspired policy manuals, uninspired “official” letters, and uninspired interpretations (“transfiguring” Mormon 8:33) of holy scripture and are leading the Saints and The Church astray. The rank and file Mormon Church members and local leadership is incapable of polluting every branch, ward and stake on their own. The polluting influence has to come from the upper central authority in the form of policy and doctrine even from The Prophet himself directly or with his permission.

This article demonstrates a perfect example of The Prophet leading the Saints astray which is contrary to the lie the Mormon Church portrays, “The Lord will never allow the President of the Church to lead us astray” (Gospel Principles, pages 41-42). I wonder how many Mormons will finally get it and what will they do about it? A letter to SLC just asking for the “official” interpretation of “the holy church of God” from The Prophet would be helpful. A letter like this will serve two purposes:

1. The Church will better realize that the cat is out of the bag and be more inclined to do something beneficial to stop the “pollutions” and the “hypocrites” that plague The Church now.

2. The writer of a letter like this will find out for themselves, whether The Church answers their letter or not, “The Prophets” have purposely avoided saying anything “official” about the interpretation of “the holy church of God” for good reason. They don’t want to have to admit in public the words of Jesus Christ that have publicly condemned the Mormon Church. Is not a statement published in The Book Of Mormon, in this case Mormon 8:33-41, a public statement by the Lord against the Mormon Church and its General Authorities? Actually for this cause and according to the stupid Mormon Church Policy Manual, Jesus Christ would be excommunicated for “apostasy” for publicly finding fault with Mormon Church leadership. :)

IF a Mormon believes The Book Of Mormon they will follow that “the Lord commandeth you [first person, present tense pronoun meaning all Mormons today], when ye [another first person, present tense pronoun meaning all Mormons] shall see these things [secret combinations in the Mormon Church] that ye [again, listen up all Mormons] shall awake [don’t sleep on this one] to a sense of your awful situation, because of this secret combination which shall [shall meaning inevitable, absolutely will happen] be among you [again, all Mormons]…” (Ether 8:24).

I wonder how many Mormons will “awake” and write a simple letter to the Mormon Church H.Q. just asking one simple and honest question; How does The Prophet, President Monson, interpret “the holy church of God” as recorded in Mormon 8:38. That could be a one or two paragraph letter. How hard could that be to write?

The advertised Mormon Church address for President Monson is:

President Thomas S. Monson

The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints

50 E. North Temple Street

Salt Lake City, UT 84150

I think I will write my two paragraph letter today and send it to President Monson. This will be perhaps the 10th letter I have sent a letter like this. I will post any answer I get at the end of this article. Others may do the same and we can compare the answers if we get any answers. Actually a non-answer is an answer too. :)

Brother Jim Kelley

Posted November 17, 2014


November 17, 2014

Dear President Monson,

As the Lord’s duly anointed Prophet of God on earth at this time may I ask you one simple and direct question? What is your official interpretation of “the holy church of God” as recorded in Mormon 8:38? As the duly anointed Prohet of God it would seem you have a fiduciary responsibility to God to answer this question.

Is this a direct reference to The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints or another denomination or another church in another dispensation? The pronoun usage, first and second person, present tense, would obviously indicate, to me anyway, this “holy church of God” has to be a latter-day church. Do you agree?

Most respectfully submitted,

Brother Jim Kelley

PO Box 609, Bolivar, MO 65613

Bolivar Ward, Springfield, Mo. Stake.

P.S. I would save you the trouble of “copying” this letter to my Stake President by mailing him a copy myself however, he has been a smart aleck and has returned my official correspondence I have sent him in the past as he refused to accept delivery.

P.P.S. This letter is posted on the website You may want to consider this when answering and be sure you do answer.

[This letter was sent by U.S.P.S. prepaid mail on Monday, November 17, 2014. As of December 1, 2014, not a peep from President Monson.]


The City Creek Center Mall Tithing Money Folly (Article #6)

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 May I add some of my insight about tithing money.

The Church has tried to excuse the spending of Church money on items the members would object to spending tithing money on by claiming this money was not paid directly by members as tithing. In other words the General Authorities have explained interest or profits on investments of tithing money is not tithing money and can be spent any way the General Authorities want.

This is a genealogy problem. Can a man be begotten by a horse or a bird? No! Humans beget more humans and horses beget more horses and birds beget more birds.

So it is with tithing money. Tithing money begets more tithing money. This tithing money can be layered, first generation, second generation, third generation and so on, but it is all tithing money because it all started with tithing money no matter what layer or generation it is.

So for The Church to build the City Creek Center Mall (or anything else commercial for profit) with a Church owned corporation, that was originally financed with tithing money, is in reality building that Mall with tithing money.

Some may say the actual money to build the Mall was borrowed money. It doesn’t make any difference because the financing was guaranteed by the Church owned corporation which was originally financed with Church tithing money. If it were not for the Church owned corporation there would have been no financing. If it were not for the good faith and credit of the Church owned corporation, backed by The Church, there would have been no chance to get the financing.

Actually since the Church owned corporation is owned by The Church in the event the Mall fails and the debt cannot be paid in full then the Church owned corporation is liquidated in bankruptcy court to pay the entire debt, in this case about two Billion dollars (with a “B”). If there is not enough assets in the Church owned corporation to satisfy the bankruptcy court then “the corporate veil is pierced” and the direct assets of The Church are on the line to pay off the debt.

As one can plainly see the General Authorities are playing word games with tithing money and in reality taking tremendous risks with Church assets including the Church Treasury which is full of tithing money.

If the General Authorities wanted to play entrepreneur they should pool their own money and start their own corporation to play with. To do this with the Lord’s tithing money is a “pollution” that can come back and bite The Church in the Treasury as well as proving themselves “hypocrites.”

Brother Jim Kelley

Posted February 21, 2015


Mormon “Tithing and Other Offerings” Folly (Article #7)

There is a correct principle that tithing is a commandment of God and if you do not pay an honest tithing you are in essence robbing God (Malachi 3:8-10).

Many Mormons will give their “testimony” how their paying tithing to the Mormon Church has kept them safe from financial ruin but I know that there are many, in other Christian churches, who can say the exact same thing about paying tithing to their church too.

This principle, as with all Gospel Principles, applies to the person according to how accountable they are and according to their knowledge. For example a person who has never been given the Law of Tithing is not accountable to the Law of Tithing.

Obviously according to The Holy Bible if a person does not give their tithing to God they are robbing God. Obviously the tithing is to be placed in The Lord’s storehouse to be used for the work of The Lord according to the commandments of The Lord.

I was of the opinion since the Mormon Church is “the only true and living Church upon the face of the whole earth” (D&C 1:30) a person who is accountable to this truth is required by commandment from Jesus Christ to pay their tithing to the Mormon Church. After much study, pondering, observation and prayer I am of a different opinion now.

The Mormon Church has evolved into The Mormon Corporation Church where its main mission is making money for The Mormon Corporation Church by any means possible. One of those means is convincing Mormons to hand over their tithing money to The Mormon Corporation Church. Question is does The Mormon Corporation Church now represent Jesus Christ and does The Mormon Corporation Church follow the commandments of God not to rob God of His tithing money themselves when the “faithful” hand over their tithing money to The Mormon Corporation Church?

It is no secrete The Mormon Corporation Church has taken tithing money and converted it to corporation investments way outside of the scope of Gospel Principles, Christian missions purposes and ethical reasoning. One glaring example would be The City Creek Center Mall which The Mormon Corporate Church, by their own admission, spent $2 billion (with a “b”) to build The City Creek Center Mall in direct business competition with many faithful members of the Mormon Church. Yea, The Mormon Corporate Church took the tithing money of the faithful Mormon members who are in retail businesses in the Salt Lake City area and used their own tithing money to do business against them in direct competition.

So if the “faithful” Mormons, who wish to obey the commandment to pay tithing to God, pay their tithing to The Mormon Corporation Church, does this tithing actually end up going to God or is it common knowledge it will be willfully stolen from God by The Mormon Corporation Church and used elsewhere according to “the Church’s sole discretion?”

Here is where the principle of accountability comes to play. If a person knows the church they are paying tithing to has and will “rob God” of the tithing money given to them are they accountable not to pay their tithing money to that church? Obviously yes and they would then be required to find another avenue to pay God their tithing and other offerings.

In my opinion there are several good options available:

1. The Salvation Army has a very good reputation for directing donations to the work of The Lord. In direct opposition The American Red Cross has been caught paying their leaders close to a million dollars a year so you probably want to steer clear of that one.

2. Find a local church that does not pay their minister very much, if anything, and does a lot of charity service work in your community and support that church.

3. Find other service organizations with low overhead and are big on service and contribute to them with your money and time.

4. Take the tithing money you would normally pay to The Lord, keep it in a special account and according to The Spirit spend it on the poor and needy as these people are made known to you by The Lord.

Obviously these choices are better than giving your tithing money to The Mormon Corporation Church you know will systematically and purposely steal that tithing money to use any way they want even sometimes against The Lord and in violation of the laws of the land.

Here is the proof what I say is true. On the bottom of the Tithing and Other Offerings donation slip The Mormon Corporate Church plainly gives this disclaimer:

“Though reasonable efforts will be made to use donations as designated, all donations become the Church’s property and will be used at the Church’s sole discretion to further the Church’s overall mission.”

Notice the term, “the Church’s overall mission?” Why didn’t this say The Lord’s overall mission? Because this is lawyer talk as a disclaimer in the event the evidence even gets more obvious The Mormon Corporate Church’s main mission is to make money their way no matter what the donor’s wishes were, no matter who gets in the way and no matter who gets hurt for the sole benefit of the General Authorities and their chosen elect.

The only way this legal disclaimer could be more obvious and truthful would be if it read:

“You have the right to not pay tithing to The Mormon Corporate Church.

“If you chose to pay tithing to The Mormon Corporate Church your tithing money may be used against you in the business and market places around the world as well as Church courts against you if you do not tow the party line contrary and against your own conscience, what the scriptures say and the promptings of The Holy Ghost.”

Would you pay your tithing money to The Mormon Corporate Church if this disclaimer were on the Tithing and Other Offerings donation slip?

Paying tithing is a commandment of God. There is no way around that. Where and how you pay your tithing to God is up to you. Remember The Lord said, “Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me” (Matt. 25:40). Considering this Godly statement helping a legitimate poor person who needs some help is giving to The Lord.

Obviously paying tithing to The Mormon Corporation Church is the same as funding a giant corporate monster, and not giving to The Lord, that portions of your tithing may be used for the work and glory of Satan now and in the future.

Yea, The Mormon Corporate Church does pay some money for humanitarian aid projects and legitimate church expenses but not as much as a reasonable person would expect from a legitimate church organization. I have seen estimates that would indicate to me that as low as only 50% of The Mormon Corporation Church’s income goes to The Lord’s work. The U.S. Federal Government has as good of a track record as that putting tax dollars to work for the people!

Again the Lord wants you to do His will and He will direct you as to what He wants you to do. What ever a bishop or stake president tells you about tithing will probably be  influenced by what The High Priests of False Security in Church Headquarters have written in the secrete Church Leadership Manuals which are so “inspired” they are kept confidential. If you think they are not confidential just ask to take one home so you can read it.

Brother Jim

Posted July 19, 2015

The Mormon “You Can’t Buy Things On Sunday” Folly (Article #8)

There are Mormons who will jump through hoops and leap high to avoid buying anything on Sunday or so they think.

I have been in wards where a Sunday outing was planned and the Ward leaders thought it best not to buy anything on Sunday including food and drink during this outing. Elaborate plans were made to collect money from the members during the week and hand out sack lunches and drinks during the Sunday outing as not to violate the Sabbath Day. I suppose the uniform sack lunches and drinks were so no one would feel poor and neglected because they brought peanut butter and jelly while someone else brought a decked out subway sandwich with all the side dished.

There are Mormons who would not think to pass money on a Sunday for any purchase. However, these same Mormons will pay for the utilities on Church buildings, purchase Church buildings, finance the Church Facilities Management Departments that take care of the Church Buildings, purchase everything the Mormon Church buys by paying for it on Sunday right at Church in their tithing envelope. That same tithing money is counted in the Church building on Sunday and deposited on Sunday in a bank. All of this is done on a Sunday.

True the tithing money and other contributions money does not pay for the goods and services on that Sunday but the Mormon who pays their tithing on Sunday knows full well that money will be used to buy things for the Church so it really doesn’t matter.

Here is an illustration to make my point. Is it OK to purchase goods and services on a Sunday by using a credit card and then pay the credit card off on a day not a Sunday? Your actual cash payment will be on a day other than Sunday but the goods and services were received on Sunday and as far as the merchant is concerned they were paid for on that Sunday.

In the case of Church building utilities the utilities are mostly consumed on Sundays, when Church is operating on Sunday, and the money that will actually be used to pay for those utilities are collected on a previous Sunday. True the utility bill was presented on a business day and probably paid on a business day but some of the consumption of the utilities are on Sundays and the actual money that will pay for the utility bill is most generally collected on a Sunday.

The point here is unless the Mormon Church were to start collecting tithes and offerings on days other than Sunday they are not following the strict manmade letter of the law of the Sabbath to keep it holy. But there is a higher law and that is the spirit of the law to keep the Sabbath Day holy.

The Pharisees tried to interpret The Law of Moses to the nth degree and this was part of their downfall. For example there were laws on how many steps you could take on the Sabbath without violating the Sabbath. Just a stupid manmade law and uninspired.

The General Authorities travel on public transportation on Sundays as a normal way of conducting Church business. I am sure the tickets are purchased with a Church credit card and the credit card is paid off on a business day.

For Mormons to try to follow some manmade money code to not pay for anything on the Sabbath to the nth degree while at the same time pay for the utilities, etc. for the Mormon Church building with their money given to the Mormon Church, at Church, on a Sunday is a form of hypocrisy and a modern-day Mormon Folly.

Mormons who try to follow manmade Church laws, policy and doctrine to the nth degree would be wise to read and study the scriptures to the nth degree and follow Jesus instead.

Mormons might start out reading Mormon 8:33-41 and learn to stop shutting up and start standing up for truth and right against the “pollutions” in the Mormon Church directly caused by the Mormon Church leader “hypocrites.”

Brother Jim Kelley

Posted September 8, 2015

General Legal Disclaimer

The general nature of “secret combinations” and “secret abominations” is in their secrecy. Obviously it is hard to prove secrets, lies and stealing. Sometimes the fruits of secrets, lies and stealing do surface but to present absolute proof is difficult unless someone from the inside comes forward as a witness or documentation from the inside can be produced.

For these reasons what is on this website, unless presented with absolute proof, has to be considered to be Brother Jim’s “opinion.”

I hope this satisfies the lawyers of the world. :)

Brother Jim

Posted July 20, 2014

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