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1. Accountability. How the Mormon Church Court System  punishes and holds the wrong people accountable and is corrupted beyond belief.

2. The Stupid Letter With No Name, This was the center piece of the Mormon Church’s prosecution in two “Stomp On Jesus,” Mock Trials, Church Courts.

3. Second “Stomp On Jesus” Mock Trial Church Court, The second Church Court will be posted first to best benefit everyone.

4. “Stomp On Jesus” People And Institutions, Explanation why “Stomp On Jesus” is a part of the names of the Church Courts and why the quotation marks.

5. First “Stomp On Jesus”-Mock Trial-Church Court For Brother Jim, This is what an ignorant Stake President started and ignorant others followed.

6. Ignorant And Stupid High Councilmen, How the Springfield, Mo. Stake High Council allowed their boob to get caught in the ringer.

7. Special Notice To The Mormon Church First Presidency, About being so slow about deciding to “Affirm” the Second Mock Trial.

8. The First Presidency Did “Affirm” The Church Court Decision, To my surprise The First Presidency did deny The Book Of Mormon and Jesus.

9. Apparently The Springfield, Mo. Stake, Stake Presidency wants to try to embarrass, mock and shame Brother Jim as much as possible.


It will be demonstrated on this Mock Trial Page, and elsewhere on this website, the Mormon Church has devised a devious system of Mormon Church Courts that can swiftly, unethically and unmercifully punish a whistle blower while NOT ever coming close to holding the “pollutions” and “hypocrites” accountable who are “pollut[ing] the holy church of God” (Mormon 8:38). Ironically, in many cases, the very “pollutions” and “hypocrites” that are “pollut[ing] the holy church of God” will be presiding and lording over the honest whistle blowers who are “invited” to attend a Church Court of “love.” How convenient this obviously is for the “pollutions” and “hypocrites” that are also Mormon Church leaders to be able to cover their own sins (D&C 121:37) and squelch the voice of reason and the voice of truth including that which is clearly and plainly represented in the scriptures (Mormon scriptures included) as the voice of Jesus Christ. There are clear and obvious cases where the reading of a few verses of scripture, that could prove the accused innocent, is disallowed in a Mormon Church Court as if the scriptures represent The Cross and the Mormon Church Court represents Dracula or the scriptures represent the light of the sun rising from the east (The Light of the Son as in “The Light Of Christ” too) and the Mormon Church Court represents Dracula again. How can any church which claims to be Christian and follow Jesus Christ ever allow this kind of censorship and discrimination to happen right in its own Church Courts?

In years past the Mormon Church would talk about and brag that if and when the governments’ court systems would become corrupted, dysfunctional, fail completely and/or become nonexistent  the Mormon Church’s Court System would always be standing by ready, willing and able to step in and take over to help prevent chaos and civil unrest in the streets of society anywhere in the world. This seemed like a far-fetched claim of The Church in the 20th Century and perhaps the corruptions of the Mormon Church Court System have become so obvious and infamous not even the Mormon Church makes this claim any longer. As far-fetched as this may seem, and considering just how corrupted the government’s court systems can be, the Mormon Church’s Court System has become even more corrupted than the government’s court systems right now. Amazing!

The only exception is the Mormon Church Courts do not put anyone to death but that is only because they do not have that legal power. Might I remind everyone, especially the naive low information Mormons, the Catholic Church started out being the True Church Jesus personally organized about 2000 years ago and they put to death any “apostates” they felt threatened by only a few hundred years after they were organized. So if the Mormon Church is The Restored Church that Mormons claim Jesus personally organized in the latter-days then the Mormon Church could just as well follow the same example as the original church and the time table is just about right too. This is an honest and valid comparison. :(

Unfortunately some of the Protestant churches have put some people to death too because of “apostasy” and “heresy” like the Salem Witch Trials. Yes these were government courts but these specific trials were promoted and backed by the good members and leaders of the Protestant churches in that area. It is amazing to me that any church would act in any manner to hurt other innocent people. And the Mormon Church is right up there with the most corrupt of them and has most probably passed them all up in their ability to target the innocent and punish them, unethically and unmercifully, in and out of the Mormon Church. This has and will be demonstrated on this website. :(

I will present the evidence and documents as they appeared and were represented in two infamous “Stomp On Jesus,” Mock Trial, Church Courts and you can be the judge as to how the verdicts and appeals should have gone. Again, you be the judge. Isn’t that a fair proposition?

I am holding off posting anything right now about either Church Courts because I am waiting for The First Presidency to make their decision about my appeals on The Second “Stomp On Jesus, Mock Trial, Church Court I was invited to come to on my behalf on May 21, 2014. My good Stake President, President Rodman, sent me an e-mail acknowledging his receipt of those appeals documents from me by the “USPS” on Saturday, May 31st. The First Presidency should have received my appeals documents within a week or so later, after that. I plan to wait until the 4th Of July Holiday to post the Mock Trial documents and at the same time I may change the “Mock Trial” button at the top of the website to “Mock Trials” with an “s.” [The Second “Stomp On Jesus,” Mock Trial, Church Court documents were posted on July 4, 2014, as promised.]

Is that not fair of me to give The First Presidency a whole month to respond to an honest appeal for a Mormon Church Mock Trial? I think this is more than generous but as before on this website, your the reader/visitor on this website and you can be the judge. Of course you will not have much to judge until you have a chance to read the appeals and court documents. Make it a point to come back after July 4th. [The court response letter and the appeals letter were posted July 4, 2014, at 9:30 P.M.]

If there is anything positive or negative coming from The First Presidency I will post that too.

I am not to hopeful The First Presidency will do anything very positive because Jesus Christ’s Warning would seem to predict most, if not all, Mormon Church leaders will have so much “pride…envying, and strifes, and malice, and persecutions, and all manner of iniquities” (Mormon 8:36) in their hearts they will not be able to see straight or reason straight and they will probably have the attitude that they would rather cut their own noses off to spite their own face than to do what is right. That is a very sad state of affairs for the Mormon Church and all Mormons as well whether they are capable of realizing that or not. :(

Brother Jim Kelley

Posted May 30, 2014, Some Additions And Editing Posted June 17, 2014

The Stupid Letter With No Name

Brother Jim will now post The Stupid Letter With No Name which probably was sent from the Mormon Church H.Q., Department of Seminaries and Institutes of Religion. First of all this letter was mailed to me on plain white copy paper and was NOT on Mormon Church stationary, did NOT contain the Mormon Church’s name anywhere at the top, and was NOT signed. I am NOT kidding!!! A real “official letter,” right?It did come in an envelope that had an official looking Mormon Church name and return address.

I am going to present The Stupid Letter With No Name before any other Church Court documents because this Stupid Letter was the center piece of evidence for the vindictive Church Courts and should be carefully considered and examined first. Both Stake Presidents, in both Church Courts, both apparently felt and both presented this Stupid Letter as Brother Jim’s “official answer” from SLC about Jesus Christ’s Warning and told Brother Jim he should be satisfied with this answer and shut up! Such stupidity and ignorance from Mormon Church leaders like this makes me want to throw up! :(

Here is a good lesson on discernment and being able to discern the truth. First the reader/visitor may read this letter for themselves and then read my commentary and then see what you think. I will highlight some words and assign numbers to the paragraphs for clarity and convenience for my commentary.

Here is The Stupid Letter With No Name:

24 March 2011

To:     Brother Jim Kelley

[P O Box 609]

Bolivar, Mo. 65613

From: Department of Seminaries and Institutes of Religion

Curriculum Services

50 E. North Temple, 8th Floor

Salt Lake City, UT 84150-2722

Dear Brother Jim Kelley,

[Paragraph 1]

We have received your letter of 6 March 2011 and are happy to respond to those questions related to the institute student manual for the Religion 121-122 course on the Book of Mormon. We appreciate the time you have taken to write us and the thought that you have put into studying the scriptures and thinking about their meaning.

[Paragraph 2]

In response to your first question, the focus of the new institute manuals is to provide mostly current prophetic commentary on the scriptures for students. Given the constraints of page count for our manuals, we focus on recent quotations that either unlock the meaning of the text or that offer insights that will lead to application for institute students. We use a variety of sources to search for such material, including an online database of all General Conference addresses, which you can access at Unfortunately, we were not able to include any commentary for Mormon 8:36-41 that matched these criteria in the new Religion 121-122 institute student manual.

[Paragraph 3]

In response to your questions 2-4, the chapter headings and footnotes were produced in 1979 by the Scripture Publication Committee, headed by President Thomas S. Monson with Elders Bruce R. McConkie and Boyd K. Packer as members of that committee. Elder Bruce R. McConkie wrote the chapter headings. Further questions on these matters would be better directed to the Scriptures Coordination department.

[Paragraph 4]

Finally, you have asked about the interpretation of the phrase “holy church of God” in Mormon 8:38. After searching the database mentioned above and several other sources, I cannot locate any official statement from a General Authority that specifically identifies “the holy church of God” in Mormon 8:38 as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The leaders of the Church do not appear to read Mormon 8:36-41 as an exclusive warning to The Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints, but as a warning to the world of Christianity in general. For example, Elder Jeffery R. Holland suggested that these verses were “directed to those in the last days who would ostensibly believe in Christ” (Christ and the New Covenant [1997], 325), whether they are members of the Church of not.

[Paragraph 5]

It would appear that Moroni’s Lament of the pollution of “the holy church of God” is mentioned in contrast to the description of many “churches” (Mormon 8:28, 32, 33, 36, 37) who have become apostate and corrupt. Moroni’s prophecy, beginning in Mormon 8:14, focuses on the coming forth of the Book of Mormon in a day of general apostasy in which many polluted churches have replaced the “holy church of God” as it was established in the meridian of time by the Savior and His Apostles. This prophecy corresponds closely with Nephi’s prophecy of the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, as found in 2 Nephi 28 (given the similarities, you may want to consult the Religion 121-122 institute student manual for commentary on pages 101-104). Certainly, members of the Church living in the world as described by both Nephi and Moroni need to guard vigilantly against the corruptions and iniquities around them (for example, see President Ezza Taft Benson’s counsel in Conference Report, Oct. 1970, 24; or Improvement Era, Dec. 1970, 50). But the “holy church of God” in this instance seems to be a reference to the divinely sanctioned organization set up by the Lord and administered by His authorized servants in the meridian of time, which Moroni saw would be replaced by many corrupt churches prior to the coming forth of the Book of Mormon and the restoration of the true church once again on the earth.

We hope that this information will be helpful for you in your continued study of the word of the Lord as found in the scriptures and the words of His servants.


Seminaries & Institutes of Religion staff [From which church? No signatures!]


Brother Jim’s Commentary:

  1. In addition to no names of authors of this letter, including no church name, there are very vague words that describe the condition of the authors as not knowing anything for sure. Words like “appear” that was used twice, “similarities” and ‘seems to be” are vague words that will always be used in a design to relate the speaker or writer doesn’t really know or doesn’t want to obligate themselves to the truth if they did know the truth.
  2. Paragraph 2, “to provide mostly current prophetic commentary on the scriptures for students. Given the constraints of page count for our manuals,” is an obvious cop out. There is all kinds of frivolous information contained in these manuals and then to suggest there is NO ROOM to put Jesus Christ’s Warning in the manuals is preposterous and is similar to there was no room in the inn when Jesus was born. “To provide mostly current prophetic commentary” is a code phrase that means, IF we do NOT like what the Mormon Church’s leaders have said in the past, we just won’t print it. There is NO doubt in my mind; IF the Mormon Church thought they could get away with it they would delete Jesus Christ’s Warning right out of The Book Of Mormon. In other words, the Mormon Church leaders who know a lot of inside information either do not think The Book Of Mormon is true and/or they are NOT afraid of Jesus Christ and judgment Day.
  3. Paragraph 2, “Unfortunately, we were not able to include any commentary.” How sad, too bad L. This is by design so the truth will be hidden. These “Seminaries and Institutes of Religion staff” I would hope have at least a high school education with this kind of a job. Don’t they know the Proper English Grammar Rules that would apply? Obviously they would but they know better than to say the truth or they would be looking for another job and lose their cushy job with all kinds of benefits with The Church. This is exactly why they did NOT sign this letter or put it on official Church stationary. This is too hot of a potato to put ones name on.
  4. Paragraph 4, “I cannot locate any official statement from a General Authority that specifically identifies “the holy church of God” in Mormon 8:38 as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Translation, there is NO official statement from a General Authority that says this is NOT the Mormon Church either. No Mormon Church leader is stupid enough to ever say anything like that even IF they know it is true because they would lose their cushy job and all their many benefits as a leader of The Church. LATE ENTRY: See Article # 76 on the Other Articles Page of this website. Elder L. Tom Perry did indirectly identify “the holy church of God” as the Mormon Church in a General Conference talk on Oct. 1992. Paragraph four in The Stupid Letter With No Name is apparently a bold face lie.
  5. In paragraph 4, this Stupid Letter states Mormon 8:38, the “holy church of God” is directed to those in the last days and then in paragraph 5, this Stupid Letter states Mormon 8:38 is the “holy church of God” as it was established in the meridian of time. So the reader is tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine (Eph. 4:14) and this Stupid Letter contradicts itself on these two main points. Again, Stake President Dale Rodman and Stake President Terrance Thedell, help me understand again why I am supposed to accept such an insult to any reasonable thinking person’s intelligence, such as this Stupid Letter as an official Mormon Church answer I am supposed to live with, roll over and play dead for and base my eternal life on?
  6. Paragraph 4, indicates Elder Holland is smart enough to know verses 33-41 are specifically directed to people in the “last days” but does NOT have a pair big enough to go on and identify, according to Proper English Grammar Rules, this is directed at the hypocrite Mormons who have polluted the Mormon Church beyond recognition. Here again, for the Mormon Church General Authorities to trifle and “transfigure” with Jesus Christ’ Warning indicates to the prudent thinker they MUST know (or think) The Book Of Mormon is NOT true and the original author, in 1828-1830, messed up and when they tried to lay it on thick trying their best in condemning all of the Christian Churches and Christians they got mixed up with their pronoun usage and ended up condemning the Mormon Church and the Mormon people instead. Was there whiskey available in 1828?
  7. Paragraph 5 is just a blame game trying to justify putting all the blame on all the other churches instead of the Mormon Church where it really belongs.
  8. Now go to the Home Page of this website and review the Proper English Grammar Rules the Mormon Church leaders should be familiar with and be able to figure out.
  9. Consider this. The Stupid Letter With No Name actually fulfilled the prophecy, right in both “Stomp On Jesus,” Mock Trials, Church Courts, whether the prophecy is true or not, that Mormons, especially Mormon General Authorities, would be “ashamed to take upon [themselves] the name of Christ.” Even though some may chalk up Jesus Christ’s Warning, and The Book Of Mormon, to a drunk on a binge in 1829, this may very well be an intriguing self-fulfilling prophecy.
  10. Also consider this. In both Mock Trials The Stupid Letter With No Name was introduced to both the High Councils and they were so naïve they believe the Stake Presidents, one who secretly introduced The Stupid Letter in secret just before Brother Jim was allowed to enter the Court Room (that should have told them something), and out of these 24 priesthood holders (who all are supposed to have The Gift Of The Holy Ghost) NOT one stood up and questioned the validity of a letter that was NOT on Church stationary or even signed as evidence of anything except some kind of a fraud. Is this not a perfect example of 24 “yes men?”  One of them was suppose to be a retired Prove Policeman, Jack Garner. Are all Prove Policemen this naive and incompetent? Amazing beyond belief! :)
  11. Question: Is there anyone in their right mind, based on The Stupid Letter With No Name, that thinks Brother Jim should just walk away and  forget about all of this exactly like the six Springfield, Mo Stake Presidents have tried to persuade Brother Jim to do? Compare Martin Luther’s statement I posted on the Other Articles Page, The Great Apostasy article, quoting Elder James E. Talmage which included;
  12. In 1521 at the council or “Diet” at Worms, Martin Luther opened with a declaration for individual freedom of conscience. Elder Talmage stated, “There is inspiration in [Martin Luther’s] words.” Then Elder Talmage quoted Martin Luther’s statement, “I cannot submit my faith either to the pope or to the council, because it is as clear as the day that they have frequently erred and contradicted each other. Unless, therefore, I am convinced by the testimony of scripture, or by the clearest reasoning-unless I am persuaded by means of the passages I have quoted,-and unless they thus render my conscience bound by the word of God, I cannot and will not retract, for it is unsafe for a Christian to speak against his conscience. Here I stand, I can do no other, may God help me! Amen!” Brother Jim has expressed these exact same expressions in the many meetings, including “Stomp On Jesus,” Mock Trial Church Courts, with the many Mormon Church leaders present. Their reactions always were that Brother Jim must always be obedient to The Church leaders no matter what. Brother Jim’s reactions were, every time, there is a conflict between what The Church leaders are saying and the truth of what all the scriptures are saying, the Temple Endowment says and what The Holy Ghost is saying. This is some of the times these Mormon Church leaders testified that Brother Jim was being influenced by “familiar spirits” and “contrary spirits” and one time President Terrance Thedell suggested The Book Of Mormon was being used by Satan like a “crystal ball” to convince Brother Jim of evil about the Mormon Church when there is NO evil.
  13. Question: Considering those six Springfield, Mo. Stake Presidents that are behind using The Stupid Letter With No Name against Brother Jim by claiming Brother Jim should consider The Stupid Letter as his “official [Mormon] Church response” about the true meaning of “the holy church of God,” who really has the “familiar spirits” and the “contrary spirits” influencing their decisions and trying to influence these Stake Presidents’ to wrongfully influence others? Remember Stake President Terrance Thedell likened The Book Of Mormon to a “crystal ball” that Satan was trying to influence Brother Jim with. How can Stake President Terrance Thedell compare The Book Of Mormon to a “crystal ball” if he even had a hint The Book Of Mormon is true scripture? Perhaps SLC Mormon Church leaders told Stake President Thedell something in secret that The Book Of Mormon is rally a hoax and everything else the Mormon Church does is futile efforts to cover up the true origin and the fake validity of The Book Of Mormon. Just an observation and a guess based on Stake President Thedell’s official statements. If someone has a problem with Stake President Thedell’s weak testimony take it up with him. Brother Jim is only reporting the facts. :)

Brother Jim Kelley

Posted June 26, 2014

Second “Stomp On Jesus” Mock Trial Church Court

I think it would serve everyone best if I were to post the latest Church Court first. I was mailed, return signature required, on Saturday May 17th that there would be a Church Court for me the following Wednesday, May 21st, 2014.

I mailed the following reply instead of attending another mock trial. Here is that reply:


Brother Jim Kelley’s Response For Church Court

May 21, 2014

I respectfully submit the following for consideration:

  1. I was not given very much notice for this hearing. My notification came in the mail on Saturday, May 17, 2014. There was not even five days to prepare especially considering my work schedule.
  2. I am surprised the hastiness of this Church Court considering I wiped the website clean and started all over again and asked President Rodman to advise me of anything he had an objection  to. President Rodman has failed to notify me of anything objectionable.
  3. It seems to me, after receiving my notice of a Church Court, President Rodman wants no less from me than for me to stand down, play dead and “forget” about all the Mormon atrocities, “pollutions,” and “hypocrites” who have organized their evil forces of “pride,” “envying,” “strifes,” “malice,” “persecutions,” and “all manner of iniquities” against me and others (Mormon 8:36).
  4. I can NOT forget and deny Jesus Christ and His Warning as recorded in The Book Of Mormon.
  5. I can NOT disobey a direct order from Jesus Christ which specifically states, “Wherefore, the Lord commandeth you when ye shall see these things come among you that ye shall awake to a sense of your awful situation” (Ether 8:24). A study of Mormon 8:1-13, 33-41, and Ether reveals they are linked together with the same subject matter of evil and Moroni paused with his commentary for Mormons in Ether.
  6. Jesus Christ’s Warning is real. It is the words of Jesus Christ in a sober warning against Mormons and the Mormon Church (Moroni 10:27). All Mormons shall be personally asked by Jesus Christ about Jesus Christ’s Warning on Judgment Day and obviously they will be asked if they heeded the Warning or ignored the Warning. Moroni will obviously be a witness for Jesus Christ’s Warning and Brother Jim may very well be standing there as a witness for Jesus Christ’s Warning too.
  7. I strongly suggest The Springfield, Mo. Stake Presidency show restraint and prudence and introduce this letter to the High Council for consideration and this Church Court be postponed for one month to give all High Councilmen an honest chance to study for themselves.
  8. If this Church Court is postponed for one month prudence would dictate the High Council would be much better prepared to ask questions of me and make a much better decision on raising their hand to punish me for only exercising  my First Amendment Rights and telling the truth about Jesus Christ’s Warning.
  9. In reality, if The Book Of Mormon is true, and if The Church is true, then anyone raising a hand against me is the same as raising their hand against Jesus Christ for giving His Warning. Before any High Councilman again raises their hand against Jesus Christ, all did during the first Church Court; they had better think this one over real carefully.
  10. President Rodman’s hasty letter of notification has all the earmarks of the previous “Stomp On Jesus,” Mock Trial, Church Court so I see no need to be victimized and humiliated all over again. Please excuse me from the May 21st Church Court Hearing for this cause.
  11. President Rodman’s Notification Letter ended with, “We extend to you the love of the Savior.” If this is a true statement then President Rodman will assign the High Council to study and reschedule the Church Court a month later. This will give everyone enough time to study and pray about the subject matter at the center of The Church’s complaint. Wouldn’t Jesus want this too? Absolutely yes!

Respectfully submitted,

Brother Jim Kelley


Apparently no one in the Second “Stomp On Jesus,” Mock Trial, Church Court felt is was prudent (or had the guts to say it) to study this out and postpone this Church Court for a month so I received a letter on Saturday, May 24th, return signature required, informing me I was excommunicated for the charge of “apostasy” and had a right to appeal to The First Presidency. This is that appeals letter:

May 26, 2014

Subject: The Memorial Day Response and Appeals Letter for The False Charge Of Apostasy, Mormon Mock Trial Church Court held in Springfield, Mo., May 21, 2014.

Reference: Jesus Christ’s Warning, Mormon 8:33-41. Also

To: The First Presidency as prescribed by Mormon Church Doctrine and Policy.

Dear President Thomas S. Monson, President Henry B. Eyring, President Dieter F. Uchtdorf,

Initial Statement

I have been working for four decades trying to persuade local and SLC Church leaders to rectify what I then called “atrocities” with the Single Adult Program and against the Single Adults of the Mormon Church. After decades of going nowhere fast, on Wednesday, April 8, 2009, while lying in bed, I was reflecting upon the “atrocities” I personally experienced and witnessed in the Mormon Church against the Single Adult Program collectively and the Single Adults individually.

My prayers were, “Lord, how can a Church that is so righteous in every other aspect be so corrupt and evil with the Single Adult Program?” An audible voice came to me and said, “Arise, and go to your Book Of Mormon.”

I did as the voice commanded. When I picked up my Book Of Mormon it fell open to page 484, and my eyes fell upon the words recorded in Mormon 8:38, “the holy church of God.” My understanding was instantly quickened by The Holy Ghost to know this was a direct reference to The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints.

An in depth study, over many months, of the surrounding verses and other companion verses contained in The Four Standard Works revealed to me by personal study and the witness of The Holy Ghost that Jesus Christ had caused His Warning to be included in The Book Of Mormon. This Warning comprises verses 33-41 and I have learned to call it Jesus Christ’s Warning because this Warning is His and it contains His personal words (Moroni 10:27).

I have tried honestly and sincerely since then to alert Mormon General Authorities, in every way and means I have, of the need to recognize Jesus Christ’s Warning for what it is and take prudent and appropriate steps to guard against the “pollutions” and “hypocrites” Jesus Christ was obviously personally concerned about. One of my suggestions was the organization of a Mormon Church General Complaint Department to handle “atrocities,” “pollutions” and “hypocrites” local Church leaders can’t or are unwilling to handle locally.

Now I find myself in a second Church Court for only my attempting to alert Church leaders, my blowing the whistle and my sounding the alarm about Jesus Christ’s Warning.

May I present my case in the analogy of a baseball game? I will illustrate how the False Charge Of Apostasy, Mormon Mock Trial Church Court held in Springfield, Mo., May 21, 2014, represents at least three strikes based on flawed logic and flawed Church Policy.

Strike One

Apparently the official Mormon Church leadership manual outlines and defines “apostasy” and “apostate” as a member speaking out against any Mormon Church leader or Mormon Church doctrine or policy even if the statement(s) are true. Apparently the more public the venue the more serious the offense.

In a court of law, “truth is its own defense” but apparently not so in a Mormon Church court. Apparently the letter of the policy is more important and carries more weight than the truth.

The dictionary definition for “apostasy” is, “An abandonment of one’s religious faith, political party, or cause.” Obviously the official Mormon Church definition and society’s definition for “apostasy” are quite different and can find themselves in opposition to each other.

For example:

  1. Even though I DID NOT abandon my religious faith in The Church, The Book Of Mormon and I “held fast to the iron rod” and only desired to echo Jesus Christ’s Warning the Mormon Church officially labels me as an “apostate.”
  2. The Mormon Church’s peculiar definition of “apostasy” and “apostate” also categorizes Jesus Christ as an “apostate” and The Book Of Mormon as an instrument of “apostasy” for they both truly testify in a public venue against the Mormon Church and specifically Mormon Church leaders as being “pollutions” and “hypocrites” that have “polluted the holy church of God” meaning the Mormon Church. These are Jesus Christ’s words of Warning, not mine if The Book Of Mormon is to be believed.
  3. Apparently this official Church Policy defining “apostasy” specifically states anyone in violation “shall” be held accountable in a Church court is selective and discriminatory. Brother Harry Reid slandered Bishop (and former Stake President) Mitt Romney right on the U.S. Senate Floor by saying he had not paid his income taxes for 10 years. This charge was later proven false. How much more public can a slanderous statement be against a Mormon Church leader than on the Senate Floor and then repeated on the evening news and in the newspapers? But no Church court action was ever taken in the case of Harry Reid even though he was a repeat offender in violation of The Commandments Of Jesus Christ.

Strike One shows Brother Jim was found guilty on a flawed Church definition of “apostasy.”

Strike Two

As was briefly outlined in Strike One, the Mormon Church has now labeled Jesus Christ as an “apostate” and The Book Of Mormon as an instrument of “apostasy.”

Does my Stake Presidents, my High Council and The First Presidency really want to be found supporting this position? Research Moroni 10:27 and start preparing your answers for the Lord.

James E. Talmage wrote, in The Great Apostasy, on page 61, “Our belief in the eventual triumph of good over evil must not blind us to the fact that evil is frequently allowed a short-lived success, and a seeming victory.” Obviously evil has entered into the Mormon Church to the point official Mormon Church leadership policy manuals label Jesus Christ officially as an “apostate” and The Book Of Mormon as an instrument of “apostasy.”

Question: Are Mormon Church leaders prepared to deny Jesus Christ His temple recommend the same as they have denied Brother Jim’s temple recommend for echoing Jesus Christ’s Warning?

Strike Two shows Brother Jim was officially punished in a Church Court as an “apostate” and Jesus Christ would be punished likewise today. Brother Jim is only following Jesus Christ and holding fast to the iron rod meaning The Book Of Mormon. The true meaning of “apostate” proves Brother Jim innocent and proves The Church is in reality in a stage of “apostasy.”

Strike Three

The Mormon Church leaders, especially the Mormon Church General Authorities, are proving they are the subjects of Jesus Christ’s Warning by continuing to exhibit and demonstrate, according to their own free agency, their own “pride,” “envying,” “strifes,” “malice,” “persecutions, and all manner of iniquities,” (Mormon 8:36). Are not the two mock trials for Brother Jim, disguised as Church Courts Of Love, a perfect example of this?

Strike Three shows the Mormon Church leaders, especially the Mormon Church General Authorities, are using their own free agency to fulfill Jesus Christ’s Warning. What will your mothers think of you all on Judgment Day? You will not only have the displeasure of Jesus Christ but you will also have the displeasure of your mothers and the rest of your families as well for all of eternity.

A study of The Great Apostasy reveals the Mormon Church is following the same steps of apostasy as all the primitive churches did.


I would have enough strikes against you, if I listed them all, that this could be a no hitter game for Jesus Christ’s Team. Question: What is The First Presidency going to do about all of this?

My Stake Presidents felt they were only following orders when they called the Mock Trial Church Court even though they could have declared they would not follow an unethical Church policy the same as a soldier can refuse to follow an illegal order. Gen. A. W. Doniphan did!

My High Council should have not raised their hands against me on the same grounds but they did anyway because of ignorance and/or “envy.” The Church Court conviction was based on a flawed official Mormon Church policy that is obviously unethical and condemns Jesus Christ as an “apostate” and condemns The Book Of Mormon as an instrument of “apostasy.”

Now this matter will fall in the hands of The First Presidency, at least according to official Mormon Church policy which sometimes is not followed, and what will The First Presidency do?

This may very well be the most important Church Court Case heard and reviewed in The 21st Century,if not in the entire history of The Church, because the future of The Church is the subject of this Church Court and Appeals and NOT Brother Jim. The Mormon Church can:

  1. Continue on the road of real “apostasy” according to the real authentic dictionary definition of “apostasy” and continue to fulfill Jesus Christ’s Warning.
  2. Wake up (Ether 8:24) to the realities of Jesus Christ’s Warning and how it applies to The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints and do something positive about it like organize a Church General Complaint Department in SLC that really works for the benefit of the weak members who are constantly abused on a daily basis.

It seems to me the Lord is wanting willing men who are brave enough to honor their CTR rings and “Choose The Right” for justice, equality and honor in The Gospel Of Jesus Christ. Is there anyone out there brave enough to stand up with and for Jesus Christ and His Warning?

The Mormon Church leaders do not have a leg to stand on in reference to Jesus Christ’s Warning. The more Mormon Church leaders try to justify they are NOT the subject of Jesus Christ’s Warning the more they deny Jesus Christ and The Book Of Mormon and in reality qualify themselves, according to the dictionary definition which Jesus also uses, to be “apostates” and the Mormon Church leadership manuals become instruments for “apostasy.”

[ Playing with definitions of words to corrupt and confuse the English language for one’s own personal gain reminds me of a world famous liar who stated, presumably in his own defense, “It depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is.”]


Brother Jim Kelley, Springfield, Mo. Stake


As has been presented before on this website, the visitor/reader on this website now has an abundance of information with which they can make a judgment. Now you be the judge, what should have happened in the case of Brother Jim and the Second, “Stomp On Jesus,” Mock Trial, Church Court?

If you were to say President Rodman should have postponed the court for a month to allow for the High Council to better prepare?, that did not happen! It would seem, comparing The Kate Kelly Story, SLC wants these vindictive Church Courts to go fast before the local Church leaders have any time to think things through.

There just seems to me there is an inherit problem with a church that claims to be The True Church to be afraid of the truth. A problem that would obviously lead to “hypocrites…polluting the holy church of God.” (Mormon 8:38) IF that was the holy church of God in the first place.

As of July 24, 2014 (Almost 2 months), NO RESPONSE FROM SLC TO THIS APPEALS LETTER! Maybe The Kate Kelly Story, see Other Articles Page, has SLC scared? :)

Brother Jim has probable cause evidence SLC was reviewing this appeals letter on Friday, June 20th because of a serious spike in the visitor counter. There were 80 visitors that afternoon which has never happened before. Perhaps after 80 General Authorities read the appeals letter and viewed they all went on a hurried up trip (like the hurried up church courts) to Lake Powell, got drunk and/or stoned and their brains were wiped and erased clean about and Jesus Christ’s Warning? Just a though why SLC would not respond back after all of this time. :)

Brother Jim,

Posted July 4, 2014, Independence Day for Americans (but perhaps NOT for Mormons).

Honest Inquiry About First Presidency “Affirming” Stake President Rodman’s Decision For Excommunication 

July 24, 2014

Subject: Church Court

Reference: Affirmation

Dear President Rodman,

Just curious. Did the First Presidency ever “affirm” the decision of the Church Court?

I specifically asked you to let me know by e-mail when and if this happens.

Please understand I am not interested in taking the time to meet with you to discuss the contents of a form letter signed with a mechanical pen signature if the decision is to “affirm” the Church Court decision. That just seems to be so robotic and contrary to the Spirit of God.

I would think there should be no problem with you e-mailing me a statement like, “The First Presidency has affirmed the Disciplinary Council’s decision to excommunicate you.”

In case you may need my e-mail address again, it is


Brother Jim

Posted July 25, 2014

“Stomp On Jesus” People And Institutions

In March, 2013, there was reported a “stomp on Jesus” incident where a college professor, in his class, compelled his students to write the name of “Jesus” on a piece of paper and then put the paper on the floor and step on it.

The headline in at least one news report was, “Florida school apologizes after students stomp on Jesus.”

To his credit [unlike unethical Mormon Church leaders], Florida Governor Rick Scott got personally involved after this “stomp on Jesus” incident was exposed in the news. The Governor stated he was “deeply disappointed” with theUniversity and commended the Mormon Church member “for having the courage to stand up for his faith” and told the Mormon, “…it took great conviction and bravery to stand up and say what he was asked to do was wrong and went against what he believed in.”

I am quite confident Mormons are quite pleased with one of their own being the only one who stood up to, in my opinion, a “stomp on Jesus” University professor.

Obviously this Mormon was punished [similar to Mormon Church Courts] for his Valier. He was given a written Notice of Charges for “violating the student code of conduct” [Similar to official Mormon Policy for being an apostate.] The Notice of Charges requested this Mormon to attend a Student Conduct Conference and “in the interim, you may not attend class…or contact any of the students involved…”

Obviously in a motion of CYA, the University has issued official statements that the Mormon was never up for punishment for refusing to participate in the exercise. The University made a halfhearted apology, “Florida Atlantic University is deeply sorry for any hurt that this incident may have caused the community and beyond.” Notice the use of the word “may.” The President of the University obviously did as well with his pathetic statements like, “…our educational opportunities always reflect the university’s core values.” Core values? At least one news report stated, “The governor didn’t seem satisfied with the apology, sayings it was ‘in many ways inconsequential to the larger issue of a professor’s poor judgment’…’The professor’s lesson was offensive and even intolerant’…” Hooray for the Governor for standing up for what is right!!! To bad Mormon Church President Thomas S. Monson is not as valiant or brave. :(  

Read between the lines. Nothing would have happened if the professor did not make some kind of a formal complaint against the Mormon and the chain of command had not validated the complaint [Exactly the same way in the Mormon Church Court System. An ignorant Stake President makes an incredibility wrong decision to punish someone and everyone else just follows as if they don’t have a brain in their heads]. Since the complaint centered on an act to “stomp on Jesus” then the professor and the University administration can be characterized, in my opinion, as a “stomp on Jesus” professor and administration. Doesn’t that make sense since they upheld and supported the “stomp on Jesus” act? This could even carry over to the University as a “stomp on Jesus” University because this is where the act took place with official administration support and approval.

This is a wonderful story in which Mormons can be pleased with because the hero is one of our own, a Mormon. Unfortunately there are, in my opinion, “stomp on Jesus” incidents in the Mormon Church.

I have referred to my Church Court, in the past, as a mock trial like unto Jesus Christ’s and Abinadi’s. After considering the “stomp on Jesus” incident in this article I think, in my opinion, there is strong evidence my Church Court was a “stomp on Jesus” Church Court with a “stomp on Jesus” Stake Presidency, a “stomp on Jesus” High Council and a “stomp on Jesus” First Presidency for affirming the decision of the “stomp on Jesus” Stake Presidency and High Council.

The center piece of the Church Court was if “the holy church of God” was a direct reference to The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints or not. My Stake President, President Thedell stated “the holy church of God” was in no way a direct reference to the Mormon Church and convinced his councilors and the High Council his opinion was right. Everyone raised their hand against me on this even though the evidence was to the contrary. This is in fulfillment of the Warning that Mormons would be guilty of “envying” (Mormon 8;36) to the point of following Mormon Church leaders straight to hell. :( 

Since Jesus Christ gave Moroni the vision (verses 34-35) which caused Moroni to write the prophecy as recorded in Mormon 8:33-41, then to deny what Jesus Christ personally caused to be written, and to purposely “transfigure” (Mormon 8:33) what it obviously means, is the same as kicking Jesus Christ in the teeth or “stomp[ing] on Jesus.”

The following article in this section will be titled, the First “Stomp On Jesus,” Mock Trial, Church Court For Brother Kelley.

Originally posted April 24, 2013

Brother Jim

Reposted June 6, 2014

First “Stomp On Jesus”-Mock Trial-Church Court For Brother Jim

I will outline the circumstances, procedures, “pollutions,” and hypocrisy surrounding the Church Court held for me, Brother Jim.

I have been an advocate for people’s rights ever since I can remember. I believe the Lord has schooled me and brought me up for this very mission, a mission to convince The Church to have a General Complaint Department as well as to address other “pollutions” and hypocrisy that has obviously crept into The Church.
The first time I personally addressed President Monson about my concerns with the “atrocities” in The Church was October 13, 2007, when I wrote a 17 page document that will now be known as The Title Of Liberty For The Single Adult Program. This document has some very real and important information about injustices in The Church as to how The Single Adult Program is run. This document is posted on this website on the Title Of Liberty button.

President Monson handed this document to Elder John M. Madsen of The Seventy to take care of. This lead to a telephone conference call on December 5, 2007, that lead to no value or good. I will explain further in the Title Of Liberty section on this website how Church leaders muffed this and the public can decide for themselves if this was handled appropriately. This document in itself is proof a General Complaint Department is needed.

I figured if 17 pages were not enough to make my point I would write a 170 page, 10 fold of the information, book and present this to President Monson.  The title of that book was, Second Class Members In A First Class Church. It took me almost a year to write it and I sent it to President Monson at the end of 2008.

After a month and no reply from SLC, I sent a follow up letter asking if I would ever get a response. The next thing I knew was my Stake President Terrance Thedell called me in for a meeting telling me SLC claims they never received the manuscript. I became very concerned for the welfare of The Church because if The Church did not receive the manuscript who did have it? I immediately copyrighted it because the information was very damning to The Church.

Here is an interesting side note about the manuscript, Second Class Members In A First Class Church. This manuscript was primarily about the plight of Single Adults in The Church and I made some comparisons to Black slaves in America and how both were mistreated in similar circumstances. A person would have to read it to understand and I think SLC Church leaders did. I think Church leaders understood the same things I was saying about Single Adults could be said about Black members now. It is my opinion, based on the evidence and time line, that manuscript was a catalyst for the calling of the first Black man as a General Authority because the very next Conference Elder Joseph W. Sitati was called to the Seventy.

It took only five years to call the first white men to The Twelve and to the Seventy in this dispensation (All positions of being a General Authority). After the revelation Black men could hold the priesthood, why would it take 30 years to call the first Black man to the same position? And it should be noted, that was 82 white men called in the first go around and there is only one Black man called the first go around. Did my manuscript, presented just four months before this calling, have anything to do with that? Something like this is impossible to prove but the time line is interesting.

My journal entry records on April 8, 2009, while lying in my bed and pondering the circumstances of Church leaders totally ignoring the “atrocities” I was reporting to them, The Holy Ghost came over me and said, “Arise and go to your Book Of Mormon.” I did and it fell open to page 484 and my eyes immediately focused on the words, “the holy church of God,” in Mormon 8:38, and my understanding immediately became sharply aware that this was a direct reference to The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints.

As I studied the scriptures surrounding “the holy church of God” I became aware what I had referred to as “atrocities” the Lord, Mormon and Moroni had referred to as “pollutions” and “hypocrites.”

Time marched on and as events of “atrocities,” “pollutions,” and hypocrisy in The Church came up I would report them to SLC. Not much good ever came out of my numerous complaints but in 2011, I received a letter from The Church Legal Department suggesting I work with local leaders about my complaints. Considering this letter presenting official legal advise from The Church and knowing working through my Stake Presidency alone does no good, on January 1, 2012, I mailed a letter to all the High Council and The Stake Presidency outlining some of the “Pollutions” I was aware of and asked for a chance to meet with the High Council to figure out what best could be done to correct them. In my mind I envisioned the High Council as local leaders as advised to me by Church Legal. I guess I was wrong.

A few days later I got my invitation to attend my Church Court. I did not expect that but looking back on things I am not now surprised why. Obviously my Stake President Terrance Thedell thought he had me and he was not going to let this opportunity to punish me slip by.

I have written two booklets detailing what happened before and during this Church Court. The first is 35 pages plus some articles in the jacket outlining circumstances leading up to the Church Court. The second is 61 pages plus some articles in the jacket outlining the “Errors And Unfairness During Church Court” as well as “Errors And Unfairness In Decisions.” There were some other things in this file too.

100 plus pages would be way too cumbersome to put on this website. I will briefly outline just a few of the more important things and if someone would want all the documents they can e-mail me for a copy.

These two books were my appeals documents for The First Presidency to review. I dutifully sent my Stake President two sets with a cover letter explaining I sent him two complete sets so he would not have to make a copy for himself before mailing them to The First Presidency. I was trying to be nice. :) 

About a month later I had not heard anything from The First Presidency so I prayed about this. The Holy Ghost informed me my Stake President had not and had no intentions of mailing my appeals documents to The First Presidency.

Considering this I mailed my appeals documents, both books, to The First Presidency with a cover letter explaining what The Holy Ghost told me.

The Holy Ghost was right, as always, because my Stake President admitted to me later he “didn’t know what to do with them (booklets) and they laid on [his] desk.” I told my Stake President later I had included a cover letter explaining one copy was for him and one copy was for The First Presidency and I thought that was pretty clear as to what to do with them.

Now I will briefly outline the proceedings of the Church Court:

January 18, 2012, at 8:00 P.M. was the date and time.

I planned on getting to the Stake Center early.

Just before I left my house The Holy Ghost prompted me to check my e-mail and I did.

Just a few minutes earlier, 5:02 P.M., President Thedell had e-mailed me and asked, “Hi Bro. Kelley, Could you come in around 7:30 this evening? If not we’ll still see you at 8:00.”

I replied at 5:04 P.M., “Yes Sir. Jim.”

President Thedell replied at 5:05 P.M., “Thank you. See you then. Pres. Thedell.”

I arrived at the Stake Center, Stake Offices at 7:15 P.M. and the Stake Clerk saw me sitting there. I sat there until 8:00 P.M. until I was invited to enter the High Council Room. So even though President Thedell invited me to come 30 minutes early I was not allowed to enter until 8:00 P.M.

A High Council Church Court has a set formal outline to go by. The Stake President presides, someone conducts and the High Council is divided in half, six members assigned to insure The Church is protected and six members are assigned to insure the accused member’s interests are protected which is a laugh. :) 

The charges against me were vague at best. Mormon 8:38 was brought up and I asked for an opportunity to read Mormon 8:33-41, out loud. My request was outright denied by President Thedell. I did not argue because he presided and I was obedient.

Others were allowed to read their selected scriptures to me in this Church Court but I was denied my opportunity to read scriptures.

I was asked if I thought I had a right to receive revelation for The Church. My answer was absolutely NO. My response several times in the Church Court was everyone, especially members with the gift of the Holy Ghost, has a right to revelation for existing scriptures and what they mean.

In my appeals documents I stated, “At the end of the hearing, two High Councilmen assigned to me stood up and declared as witnesses I had a fair and honest opportunity to present myself and any evidence I had. How could anyone say that knowing I asked to read Mormon 8:33-41, and was denied?”

As the High Councilmen were allowed to ask me questions it became very clear President Thedell had presented The Stupid Letter With No Name to the High Council with some other biased statements in an effort to discredit me in the eyes of the High Council before I was allowed to enter the Court Room.

In my appeals documents I presented, “Why else would President Thedell sneak The [Stupid] Letter With No Name into the High Council before I was admitted?

There is no telling what President Thedell said while presenting The Letter With No Name to damage my credibility and case.”In the interest of not boring everyone I will keep the account of the Church Court brief.

In the official Church letter from my Stake President I was advised I was disfellowshipped and given “the council and conditions imposed” to “Cease to teach that Mormon 8:38 specifically means The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its leaders.” Obviously Mormon 8:38 was a central theme of the Church Court and I, Brother Jim, was NOT allowed to read this scripture during the Church Court. Is this NOT unbelievable and incredible?

Obviously, if “Mormon 8:38 specifically means The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its leaders,” (President Thedell’s words) and in my opinion this can be proven, then is it not obvious President Thedell, in my opinion (are the lawyers satisfied yet that I am stating this is my opinion?), is a “Stomp On Jesus” Stake President, who presided over a “Stomp On Jesus” Church Court and a “Stomp On Jesus” High Council?

Remember, Jesus Christ gave the vision (verses 34-35) which resulted in the Prophet Mormon commanding Moroni to write Mormon 8:33-41. Jesus Christ is at the heart of Mormon 8:33-41, and for anyone to deny this and the obvious meanings of these nine verses of scripture is to deny Jesus Christ, The Book Of Mormon and the Faith, as well as literally willing to “stomp on Jesus!!!” This is my opinion. Is there anyone else that would have the same opinion? Remember Mormon commanded this to be written too. To go against Mormon is to be Anti-Mormon as well!!! This is my opinion too. Anyone else of the same opinion? Anyone else have the guts enough to say it? Probably not! In a lot of ways I have observed Mormons are cowards. Perhaps some non-members will step forward and do what its right?

Months after the Church Court I was reading The Letter With No Name and it dawned on me the phantom writer(s) (obvious cowards to not sign the letter), for they did NOT sign their names, may have misquoted Elder Holland. I tried to be a nice guy about this and I wrote a letter to Elder Holland suggesting he investigate this because his good name may have been tarnished by a misquote and perhaps he should investigate.

Apparently Elder Holland handed my letter off to an Area Seventy, Elder Jonathan C. Roberts. Apparently Elder Roberts contacted President Thedell and secured a copy of my appeals documents from him because President Thedell had an extra set because he never did send a set to The First Presidency as prescribe by Church Policy.

President Thedell made it known to me Elder Roberts has read all of my appeals documents and knows all about me. There is no doubt in my mind and my opinion is, President Thedell told Elder Roberts some things about me he did not dare tell in front of me, just like before the Church Court before I was allowed to enter. Anyway, see if you, the reader on this website, would think this letter from Elder Roberts would qualify for a “Stomp On Jesus” and an Anti-Mormon Letter?


Elder Roberts writes:

“Dear Brother Jim,”

“Please be advised that no further action is needed on your part. As you might suppose, I kindly make you aware that follow-up by myself or the Brethren in any of the items you have brought to our attention will be attended to as we see fit in a confidential manner and will not be reported back to you.”

“Sincerely,” [Oh really, you are being sincere?]

“Jonathan C. Roberts”
“Area Seventy”


Can anyone believe a Representative of Jesus Christ would say such a thing? Where is the Gift Of The Holy Ghost in all of this?

This letter was in a large package which also contained the two appeals booklets so Elder Roberts obviously had access to my appeals documents and obviously has no excuse he did not have a chance to read them. In my opinion it is amazing anyone would read these appeals documents and not see all the red flags against President Thedell.

Just a side note: The package Elder Roberts sent had no return address and had “postage due” stamped all over it. I am not kidding. :)  

As people read the articles on this website, is there anyone who thinks there is no need for a Mormon Church General Complaint Department? A complaint Department that will report back to the complainant with an inspired reply. Remember, “The Lord worketh not in secret combinations.” Ether 8:19. Elder Roberts plainly stated he and the Brethren would attend to complaints as they see fit and not report back to me (or anyone else I suppose). Is this not secret combinations Elder Roberts is describing? Did not Elder Roberts speak for all General Authorities and the whole Church? What does this plainly say about The Church and General Authorities today?

Originally posted April 26, 2013.

Brother Jim Kelley

Reposted July 6, 2014

Ignorant And Stupid High Councilmen

About a year after the First “Stomp On Jesus,” Mock Trial, Church Court, I was talking with Brother Kirt Bliss, one of the high councilmen who raised his hand against me and Jesus during that Church Court. Brother Bliss stated to me there were some improprieties during the Church Court but he thought “the right decision was arrived at.” I said oh really, how about The Stupid Letter With No Name introduced in secret before I was allowed to enter the Court Room, didn’t that raise some red flags? Brother Bliss informed me that happens all the time when a Stake President prepares the High Council by informing them of the circumstances leading up to the Church Court. With that information I wrote President Thomas S. Monson a letter. Apparently President Monson was incensed with such an idea when he received my letter making Brother Bliss, and everyone else that raised their hands against Jesus and Brother Jim, absolute ignorant and stupid people who don’t know their rear end from a hole in the ground and are to incompetent and stupid to judge anyone like in a Stake Church Court setting.

Here is that letter I sent to President Monson:

March 10, 2013

Subject: Unethical Church Court Practice

Dear President Thomas S. Monson,

Over a year ago there was a Church Court on me. In my appeals documents I outlined how The Stake President presented a tainted and flawed document and other information, without my knowledge, just before I was allowed to enter the Church Court room. I presented how this was unethical and illegal in government courts as this is the same as tampering with the jury.

I had a conversation with one of the High Councilmen, who attended my Church Court earlier, today at the Ward Building. He advised me this is a common practice for the stake president to bring the high council up to speed on the circumstances for the church court just before the court.

Obviously there is a Church Policy to allow this unethical practice or there is no Church Policy to forbid this unethical practice. Is there any reasonable thinking person who would not think this unethical practice should be reviewed and corrected according to the principles of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ? The Gospel stipulates “the Lord worketh not in secret combinations” (Ether 8:19). So if the Lord worketh not in secret combinations why should a stake president be permitted or allowed to?

When a member is “invited to attend [their] disciplinary council” they should be given the benefit of the doubt before and during that Church Court until the evidence and testimony given in that open Church court proves them to be guilty at a level that would warrant any Church action against them. To introduce any information, evidence or testimony before the appearance of the person charged, without their knowledge, is totally unethical and a violation of the letter and spirit of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ. Does the Lord’s Prophet think this is acceptable? Please let me know.

In my case President Thedell not only tampered with the High Council before the Court but also failed to forward my appeals documents to The First Presidency which obviously interfered with my due process to a fair appeals review. How fair and ethical can that be?

I would be most interested in what The Lord’s Prophet’s opinion is on this subject. Perhaps The Lord’s Prophet is unaware there are stake presidents presenting tainted and flawed information before opening a Church court in an obvious attempt to win the high council their way because a fair and open presentation of the facts and truth would prove the person NOT guilty of anything.

I am reminded of D&C 121:39, “We have learned by sad experience that it is the nature and disposition of almost all men, as soon as they get a little authority, as they suppose, they will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion.” I have learned by sad experience my Stake President is that kind of person. Please remember this scripture did NOT exclude Church leaders.

Respectfully submitted,

Brother Jim Kelley, Bolivar Ward, Springfield, Mo. Stake

The reason I know President Monson was incensed is about a month later I was called in to Stake President Terrance Thedell’s Office and President Jarvis, Second Counselor, was there too. They were both hopping mad and President Thedell yelled, Why did you (Brother Jim) send this letter to President Monson as he showed the letter to me? I answered the letter is self-explanatory. Boy, it is hell having to talk to ignorant and stupid Mormon Church leaders!

President Thedell and President Jarvis insisted I (Brother Jim) was the one who gave The Stupid Letter With No Name to the high Council. This strategy of beguiling came with much verbal force and was like three separate huge waves of verbal insults from both Stake Presidents to which at the end of each assault I calmly stated I never gave that stupid letter to anyone. The stupid letter was worthless and I considered it as such and I did not present it to anyone. Since I did NOT cave and I wore them out I was allowed to leave. Thank heaven I had the Comforter on my side.

There is no doubt President Thedell, and perhaps President Jarvis gave his voice too, told SLC, President Monson’s Office, or whoever they talked to, that I admitted to giving The Stupid Letter With No Name to the high Council to get their sorry butts off the hook and since there is no accountability as would be with a Central Mormon Church Complaint Department Brother Jim has no way of knowing what was said between President Thedell and SLC. No doubt, since there is NO accountability, President Thedell said whatever it took to keep his boob out of the ringer and Brother Jim is powerless to correct that or do anything else about it.

So Brother Bliss, and the other incompetent high Councilmen who raised their hands against Jesus Christ, you may NOT have had a problem with President Thedell secretly introducing The Stupid Letter With No Name but President Monson apparently did. How stupid and incompetent does this prove you all of being? Answer: Real stupid and real incompetent and void of any influence of the Holy Ghost. You all must live in a very dark world not having the Holy Ghost!

Forest Gump said, “Stupid is as stupid does” which probably makes Forest Gump smarter than Mormon Church leaders. Look at the Mormon Church leader’s track record. They are unable to read Mormon 8:33-41 with any meaning and they are unable to apply high school level Proper English Grammar Rules skills to those 402 words to get the proper meaning. They allow their own “pride” to get in the way of the truth and have “strifes, and malice, and persecutions” against anyone who does have the truth. Really, what would Forest Gump think of them now? That is right, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

Mormons, I am sorry about having to express the truth like this but there is no other way for you to get the message because of your “pride.” The truth can really hurt now but not as much as on Judgment Day when you Mormons will be questioned by the very God you raised your hands against, Jesus Christ (Moroni 10:24). Yes, every time you raise your hand to sustain a Mormon church leader who stomps on Jesus you raise your hand against Jesus Christ. You have some time to repent if you have a heart for that sort of thing. That is IF The Book Of Mormon is true. Unless you Mormons repent you had better pray to God The Book Of Mormon is NOT true.

This is additional information after the First “Stomp On Jesus,” Mock Trial, Church Court that indicates the smoke has never cleared. The reason the smoke will never clear is “The True Church” (IF it is or ever was true) has a problem with the truth. Is that NOT ironic? The truth having a problem with the truth?

I hope this was informative and beneficial to the reader/visitor to this website. :)

Brother Jim Kelley

Posted July 6, 2014

Special Notice To The Mormon Church First Presidency

It has been over two months since The Second “Stomp On Jesus” Mock Trial Church Court and it is approaching two months since my appeals documents were given to Stake President Rodman. May I give you another “ample warning” that if you “affirm” this Second “Stomp On Jesus” Mock Trial Church Court you will be held accountable before God, according to Mormon doctrine, Mormon history, Mormon scriptures and your own public testimonies that The Book Of Mormon is true; for denying The Book Of Mormon as true scripture and also denying Jesus Christ as the God of the Mormon Church. If you “affirm” the obvious unethical Church Court actions this will be proof positive your god is different than the Christian God and perhaps money (“Sell yourselves for that which will canker.” Mormon 8:38) is your god?

IF The Book Of Mormon is true, and that “IF” is a big “IF” according to all the anti-Book Of Mormon actions of the Mormon Church General Authorities right now, then all Mormons shall be questioned by Jesus Christ about Jesus Christ’s Warning as recorded by Moroni, as one “speak[ing] unto [Mormons] as if ye were present, and yet ye are not.” (Mormon 8:35. Compare Moroni 10:27 “as one crying from the dead, yea, even as one speaking out of the dust” as an absolutely sure and positive link for these two verses to be companion verses irrevocably connected together by Jesus Christ and Moroni IF you believe The Book Of Mormon. Read it and weep. :( )

You might get a pass with The First “Stomp On Jesus” Mock Trial Church Court because that Stake President, former President Terrance Thedell, was/is a pathological liar and you might have been misled and manipulated by that angel of Satan in sheep’s clothing. This Second “Stomp On Jesus” Mock Trial Church Court is different. You have had more than enough time, between the duties of opening shopping malls, etc., to study out Jesus Christ’s Warning and to know with absolute surety that if you “affirm” this Second “Stomp On Jesus” Mock Trial Church Court, you will without any doubt be actively denying The Book Of Mormon, The Mormon Faith and Jesus Christ and all three of you shall burn in hell for eternity for your knowingly and purposefully acting with “persecutions” against those who are teaching the truth right out of The Book Of Mormon. Do you NOT believe in Jesus Christ and The Book Of Mormon is true? Obviously NOT and for this cause Moroni wrote Mormon Chapter Nine especially for the three of you!

I testify and give you ample notice that the Holy Ghost has given me cause to believe I will be standing right next to Moroni on Judgment Day as a second witness for Jesus Christ’s Warning and as a primary witness that all Mormons, especially Mormon General Authorities, should have on their own been able to figure out Jesus Christ’s Warning and completely understand it for what it truly is, an indictment against the Mormon people in general and an indictment against the Mormon Church organization specifically. This website has a very good educational outline explaining this principle. Need I say more? What I do not say now I yield for Jesus Christ to finish on Judgment Day.

Jesus Christ’s Warning is the same as quick sand for Mormon General Authorities right now. The more and harder you try to “transfigure” (Mormon 8:33)  Jesus Christ’s Warning the deeper you will sink until you will be over your head and drown in your own stupid “pride” (Mormon 8:36). Is this NOT pathetic?

Three of the solutions for the combating of the “pollutions” and “hypocrites” that have “polluted the holy church of God” (Mormon 8:38) can be found on my Mission Statement Page of this website. It would do you well for you to read that.

Respectfully (with all the stomach I can muster :( ),

Brother Jim Kelley

Posted July 27, 2014


The First Presidency Did “Affirm” The Church Court Decision

Today, July 31, 2014, I had a telephone conversation with Stake President Dale Rodman and President Rodman told me The First Presidency “affirmed” the decision of the Church Court to excommunicate me.

Some revelations that came out of this telephone conversation were:

  1. President Rodman and The First Presidency had telephone conversations “several times” about my “circumstances” and my Church Court to help The First Presidency make up their minds as to what they should do.
  2. The letter from The First Presidency was not signed by a signature machine because all three signatures were different colors.
  3. When I stated to President Rodman I knew he did what he thought he had to do because of the strict Church Policy directing matters like this President Rodman stated, he did more than just follow Church policy, he “sought inspiration” for what to do.

Now for some obvious observations:

  1. Apparently my Special Notice To The Mormon Church First Presidency crossed in the mail sort of speak. This doesn’t make any difference because the same message contained in the Special Notice To The Mormon Church First Presidency is contained in the body of this website over and over again. This Special Notice at the beginning of this website was for the convenience and benefit of The First Presidency. Now I will leave it there for the convenience and benefit of the visitor to this website to prove The First Presidency has had “ample warning” and still chose to deny The Book Of Mormon and deny Jesus Christ with absolute certainty when they “affirmed” the Church Court decision(s).
  2. Reference to item 1 above: Apparently The First Presidency has time to discuss circumstances behind my back (a form of backbiting) but does not have time to answer my multiple formal requests to just tell me, or my Stake President so he can tell me, the correct interpretation for “the holy church of God” as recorded in Mormon 8:38.
  3. Obviously The First Presidency can NOT give the correct interpretation because any legitimate interpretation would be the same as my legitimate interpretation and that would be a sticky wicket for The First Presidency. :(
  4. Obviously The First Presidency would rather waste the time, efforts and resources of countless other people, with two Church Courts, etc., than to have just written a simple statement by a post letter what The Prophet’s interpretation is for “the holy church of God” four years ago and the numerous times I have requested (by post letters and appeals documents) that interpretation since. I asked many, many times before and I asked nice. :) What can be the excuse for a “Prophet Of God” to ignore a member so many time, even during extraordinary circumstances like two Church Courts, instead of just answering this question? The obvious explanation has to be President Thomas S. Monson no longer has the “love of Jesus in his heart” no matter what this “hypocrite” might say and proclaim during public events like General Conference!
  5. Just as obvious The First Presidency would rather make an enemy out of a good member than to just do what is right and fess up to the legitimate interpretation of “the holy church of God.” Is this not the same as cutting your own nose off to spite your own face?
  6. I think I would have a right to know about the “circumstances” discussed in private and have a chance to explain, defend or refute what anyone else is saying behind my back. In government courts anything presented or said that would be used in consideration for a conviction, or in a superior court’s decision to support or overturn a lower court’s ruling, is supposed to be out in the open for the defendant(s) to be able to defend themselves. Apparently not so with the Mormon Church Court System where “secret combinations” and “secret abominations” are the rule and not the exception.
  7. It would seem prudent, ethical and just fair, when an appeal is made for a Church court decision the bishop or stake president should have no more or no less of an opportunity to communicate their case to The First Presidency than the accused member. The accused member has only one chance to make their appeal in writing. Actually the bishop or stake president has some advantage in their written appeals documents because they have the opportunity to see what is written by the accused before the whole package is sent to The First Presidency. Apparently being the second one to write their justification documents is not enough of an advantage for the Mormon priesthood food chain. They want to be able to amend, clarify, delete, change, make strategies, brain storm, etc. what ever needs to be done to burn the butt of the accused. The cards are always stacked against to accused in any Church court every time.
  8. There is no doubt in my mind the ‘circumstances” discussed by The First Presidency, with or without President Rodman, were strategies of how in the h&$@ is The First Presidency going to “affirm” this Church Court without getting their t#% in a ringer. It took two months to “affirm” when it should have only taken one month tops. This extra time and the obvious extra thought, conversations and prayers(?) only makes The First Presidency more accountable before The Lord later, not less accountable, for “affirming” two “Stomp On Jesus,” Mock Trial, Church Courts that denied The Book Of Mormon and Jesus Christ. Read Moroni 10:27 and weep. :(
  9. Reference to item 2 above: I stated to President Rodman the letters to affirm a Church court have to be form letters signed by a mechanical pen because The First Presidency doesn’t have time to sign them all. I cannot imagine The First Presidency signing all those letters that would have to go out every month. President Rodman’s response was no this was a genuine letter with authentic signatures and all three signatures were a different color. I am sure he did not mean one was red, another green and another blue. I am sure there were three different colors or shades of blue and/or black.
  10. Reference to item 3 above: As President Rodman expressed he sought for inspiration for what to do I am reminded of The Church in the Dark Ages. The Church at that time had official Church policies to torture and hang (if the alleged apostate survived the torture) any heretics and apostates for the general good order and general welfare of The Church (The same type of wording as in the Mormon Church Leadership manual today.). There is no doubt in my mind many of those Church leaders prayed and sought for inspiration in their duties to  torture and hang those in “opposition to The Church” because they were following official Church policy. There is no doubt in my mind those same Church leaders felt they were receiving inspiration from God to do their duties of torture and hangings of anyone who spoke the truth if it was in opposition to The Church because Church policy was as valid and had equal authority as the scriptures and Jesus Christ.
  11. So it is today. There are Mormon Church General Authority beliefs in those Leadership Policy Manuals that bishops and stake presidents think have to be followed no matter what the scriptures or what Jesus says that is to the contrary. This bizarre anti-Christ thinking has been proven over and over again on this website. Also it has been pointed out on this website no one in The Church has to obey an illegal or unethical order or policy. General Donovan refused to obey an illegal order to execute the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith and some other Mormon Church leaders. Why can’t Mormon Church leaders today have the same integrity and honor for good and what is just right that General Donovan, a non-Mormon, had?
  12. Obviously stake presidents, and bishops too, try to follow the Policy Manual first because that is what is discussed when they are talking to Church leaders higher up on the priesthood food chain. There is no doubt in my mind a stake president who has his nose primarily in the Policy Manual will pray for inspiration and think he is getting inspiration from God just the same as the Dark Ages Church leaders did for their duties of torcher and hanging.
  13. Actually Kate Kelly’s Bishop faltered on excommunicating her when he sought for inspiration. See New Revelations And Information article on the Other Articles Page of this website.
  14. The visitor can go to the Mock Trial Page of this website and read for yourself my appeals documents. You be the judge whether this Church Court decision should have been “affirmed” or not. Then think about what Jesus will do on judgment Day about all of this.
  15. Obviously Jesus Christ is a “God of light and truth” and for any church organization to deny and forfeit “light and truth” for the sake of a stupid uninspired policy manual is an abomination and are acts of apostasy that by design deny God. In the case of the two “Stomp On Jesus,” Mock Trial, Church Courts the Mormon Church has officially denied The Book Of Mormon and Jesus Christ twice. :(
  16. For any Mormon to read this and not be moved to “take up your cross” and do something means you don’t have the “love of Jesus in your heart” just the same as the “hypocrite” Thomas S. Monson. I do NOT mean to take up your cross and try to help me because I have been excommunicated! My being excommunicated is of no importance compared to The Church suffering extinction through apostasy because of known “pollutions” and “hypocrites” that have today “polluted the holy church of God” meaning, according to Mormon doctrine, history, Mormon scriptures and Mormon legends, the Mormon Church.
  17. Since most Mormons who may want to “take up their cross” probably don’t have any idea what will work let me give you some hints: A. Forget the “Yes Men” local Church leaders and you write directly to President Monson in SLC specifically asking him for his interpretation of “the holy church of God” as contained in Mormon 8:38. B. Don’t mention me or anything about this website but state, “It would seem according to “correct English” this has to be the Mormon Church.” C. In case SLC “copies” your letter back to your bishop or stake president and they question you about writing your inquiry, inform your local Church leaders it doesn’t make any difference the source of the knowledge “the holy church of God” is the Mormon Church but what is important is “the holy church of God” is in fact the Mormon Church and what is going to be done about it to clean up the “pollutions” and get rid of the “hypocrites?” D. Don’t give up. Write a letter every month until you get a satisfactory answer that makes sense according to the scriptures. Do NOT accept a letter like The Stupid Letter With No Name (copy on the Mock Trial Page of this website) which I got, that two “inspired” Stake Presidents tried to cram down my throat as the truth when it clearly was a letter from Satan post marked Hell, zip code 666. E. Contact every Mormon you know and ask them to do A through E. IF, and IF is always big and bold letters with Mormons, enough Mormons do this SLC will be forced to clean up the “pollutions” and get rid of the “hypocrites.” Only then will The Church be saved from apostasy and those who wrote letters will be able to stand before Jesus Christ and say you did your part (Moroni 10:27).
  18. When Mormon Church leaders ignore the substance of a gospel subject like Jesus Christ’s Warning and make attempts to discredit and shame the messenger they in reality discredit and shame themselves. It would be wise to remember one of the messengers of Jesus Christ’s Warning is Jesus Christ Himself. In the holy temples endowed Mormons learn “God will not be mocked” so it stands to reason Jesus Christ will not allow Himself to be mocked, or allow Brother Jim to be mocked, for very much longer.

Respectfully submitted to the public (Mormons will not listen) for their review and consideration.

Brother Jim Kelley

Posted August 1, 2014


Special Note: Apparently Brother Jim Kelley is considered The Most Dangerous Man in or out of the Mormon Church! To prove this

apparently The Springfield, Mo. Stake, Stake Presidency wants to try to embarrass, mock and shame Brother Jim as much as possible.

On Fast Sunday, August 03, 2014, President Adams apparently made a special trip to the Bolivar Ward to “publicly announce Brother Jim Kelley has been excommunicated.” This announcement was made in general priesthood, in the Relief Society and in front of some Primary children. Some members thought, I have never seen or heard of such a thing in The Church before for something like this to be announced like this in the open meetings like this. From now on, because of the gross rudeness and gross inappropriateness of President Adams’ announcement I will call it,  President Adams’ Infamous Sunday Announcement Folly. Refer to the definition of “folly” on the Mormon Folly Page on this website.

Obviously Stake President Rodman and his councilors feel they have to retaliate in any way they can for the truths of The Book Of Mormon that proves them to be “pollutions” and “hypocrites.” Is NOT the purposeful and needless trying to mock, embarrass, humiliate and shame a brother in a public venue in a Mormon Church building a form of “pollutions” and hypocrisy as well as a form of verbal abuse? Is it not interesting a Stake Presidency would be so anxious and willing to publicly declare the outcome of a wrongful excommunication of a “Stomp On Jesus,” Mock Trial, Church Court they themselves perpetrated.

Here is another “pollution” brought to the Bolivar Ward building by President Adams and this is hilarious. :)  President Adams advised my wife (right in front of her Primary children she teaches) of his unusual, premeditated and vindictive announcement that would be made in the open meetings and asked her to tell me, “Tell Jim he is always welcome to come back to the meetings and attend Church.” What is really hilarious is just how stupid do these Church leaders think I am? How stupid do these Church leaders think my wife is? How stupid do these Church leaders think the Bolivar Ward Mormons are? This is also hilarious to consider what other imprudent thoughts (follies) they must be thinking! :) President Adams insulted every Bolivar Ward member’s intelligence today and I bet most of the members did not even realize it. :( Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Read Ether 8:24 about staying awake. :)

I wonder if this directive to try to publicly discredit Brother Jim came from SLC? If it did happen that way then President Rodman and his counselors are nothing more than “Yes Men” and are void of “the Spirit and power of God” (Official  Declaration-1, Mormon Follies Page,  The Promise The Mormon Church Will Never Fall Or Become Apostate) to think and act for themselves in righteousness. That is exactly what this is, an evil and unrighteous maneuver to attempt to mock and discredit Brother Jim and to mock and discredit what The Book Of Mormon says and to mock and discredit Jesus Christ also.

I do not know how much of a backbone other Bolivar Ward Mormons have but I know one thing; if I would have been in attendance in a meeting where a Stake President obviously and purposely, in a very unusual and unorthodox move, tried to publicly mock, discredit, humiliate and shame another brother for telling about Jesus Christ’s Warning, right in The Book Of Mormon, and was repeating the Words of Jesus Christ (Moroni 10:27) I would be asking the Stake Presidency what in the h%#@ is going on? And I would probably word my question just like that because the works of Satan and works of darkness that mock and discredit Jesus Christ are from hell. Why would any Mormon put up with a Stake Presidency that does the bidding and work of Satan and ignores, “transfigures” (Mormon 8:33), the Words of Jesus Christ in Jesus Christ’s Warning?

As I have stated before others can do what they see fit to do and they have their “free agency” to do exactly that. As for me I will continue to follow Jesus Christ, His Words and The Book Of Mormon.

The Lord warned me of this time in my life. I received my Patriarchal Blessing in 1980. That Blessing warned me I would swim in deep water, I would have many tests and trials but to stand firm in the faith, resist evil (Mormon Church leaders doing the bidding and work of Satan), place my faith and trust in Heavenly Father and NOT in the arm of flesh (Mormon Church leaders doing the bidding and work of Satan) and I will never be disappointed.

The only times I have been disappointed is when I trusted and counted on Mormon Church leaders to do the right things when I dutifully reported “atrocities,” “pollutions” and “hypocrites’ that were “polluting the holy church of God.” I have never been disappointed when I have sought out and received answers and revelations from God. Unfortunately for the Mormon Church leaders those revelations condemn those very same leaders as being “hypocrites” that have and are “polluting the holy church of God.” Today Bolivar Ward members witnessed this very unusual and unethical attempt to discredit Brother Jim and the website Unfortunately for the Mormon Church leaders Jesus Christ’s Warning, as dutifully recorded by Moroni in The Book Of Mormon, is a legitimate indictment to discredit, humiliate and shame Mormon Church leaders in The Church right now to repent and these are the Words and Warning of Light and Righteousness directly from Jesus Christ.

One has to wonder what is there in Jesus Christ’s Warning, only nine verses, that Mormon Church leaders are so afraid of that Stake Presidents refuse to allow these nine verses to be read in a Church Court proceeding? Read these nine verses for yourself with my commentary on this website and you will find out exactly why Mormon Church leaders are so afraid of these nine verses and this website. They are afraid of the truth and have no way to address the issues of this truth with any substance so they will lower their ethics to the attacks on the messenger with threats and Church courts, etc. What these foolish Mormon Church leaders don’t seem to be able to realize is some of the other messengers they are attacking are 1. Mormon, 2. Moroni and 3. Jesus Christ Himself.

How many times has a Christian wonder how Satan can be so smart and intelligent in some ways and at the same time be so stupid as to not accept the truths and blessing of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ for himself? I know I have wondered this many times. Perhaps the answer can be realized in the observation of the Mormon Church leaders who are so close to the truth about The Gospel but then so readily and easily deny The Book Of Mormon which contains Jesus Christ’s Warning and they are denying  the author, Jesus Christ as well. The short answer is tremendous “pride” for both Satan and the Mormon Church leaders (Mormon 8:36) that keeps them from accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior. Oh yes, the Mormon Church leaders publicly declare their testimonies they accept Jesus Christ and His Gospel but talk is cheap and actions speak much louder than words.

Bolivar Ward members have an unusual opportunity today to either stand up for Jesus Christ or to go back to sleep (Ether 8:24) after witnessing such a “pollution” as President Adams brought to our Ward today as  President Adams’ Infamous Sunday Announcement Folly. The choice you make will have to be explained before Jesus Christ on Judgment Day (Moroni 10:27) so choose very carefully what you will do. This website may very well stand as a testimony against you if you decide to go back to sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I would hope my words and grammar are plain enough and no one will have any excuse to have not understood me when this subject comes up on Judgment Day.

One last observation. After witnessing the low down and unethical tactics Mormon Church leaders are capable of like  President Adams’ Infamous Sunday Announcement Folly is it any wonder Brother Jim has reported some of the things he has reported and noted on Some may think some of these comments on to be inappropriate but in light of what Mormon church leaders are capable of these comments, no matter how offensive, sre most appropriate and are in reality in harmony with what Jesus Christ has been saying in His Warning, even Jesus Christ’s Warning, A-men. :)

Brother Jim Kelley

Posted August 3, 2014 in the afternoon.

General Legal Disclaimer

The general nature of “secret combinations” and “secret abominations” is in their secrecy. Obviously it is hard to prove secrets, lies and stealing. Sometimes the fruits of secrets, lies and stealing do surface but to present absolute proof is difficult unless someone from the inside comes forward as a witness or documentation from the inside can be produced.

For these reasons what is on this website, unless presented with absolute proof, has to be considered to be Brother Jim’s “opinion.”

I hope this satisfies the lawyers of the world. :)

Brother Jim

Posted July 20, 2014

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